Monthly Research Recap | October 2023

Upcoming Events:

Webinar: Performance Management Today | November 20, 2023 @ 2pm EST

Those attending this Performance Management Today webinar will hear about advances in this HR process area like check-ins, continuous performance management and having the process encompass employee career goals. That said, the webinar will focus even more on newer and less obvious considerations for designing a very modern PM process, some of which our presenter had a role in originating and broadly syndicating.

Webinar: HR Planning for FY24: Business as Unusual | Thursday, November 16, 2023, 10:00am – 11:00am PST

Join this Q&A session to hear from organizational agility expert and industry analyst, advisor and influencer Steve Goldberg on how to enact, enable and embrace change at your company – regardless of size or type.

Webinar: Revolutionizing Global Payroll – The views of the global payroll professionals | November 2, 2023 @ 12pm EST

This webinar will cover a selection of important findings from a recent survey Payslip conducted in partnership with Payroll Org. This important survey highlighted the current state of payroll operations and outlined the global payroll data and process related challenges currently being faced by global payroll professionals around the world.

Recent Research

Market Alert: App Studio Empowers Users With the Ability to Create New Functionality Within Unit4

In mid-Q2 of 2023, Unit4 announced the launch of App Studio. Giving users the ability to develop business apps, enable extensions, and further expand automated processes, App Studio is a feature within Extension Kit, the vendor’s existing low-code tool for users to create automation.

Research Note: Experienced People Leader Chooses Ceridian Dayforce for HR Transformation

Whenever HCM software transforms HR, lifting it out of the doldrums and frustrations of out-of-control operational HR and into a new place where people leaders have the administrative part of their charter tamped down and can indeed lead people, it’s a story that demands to be told. In the spirit of amplifying one such testimonial, this report explores the success a member of the 3Sixty Insights Global Executive Advisory Council experienced with Ceridian.

Research Note: Unleashing the Power of Influencers: Transforming Organizational Change through Performica

In today’s dynamic and rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations face unprecedented challenges and opportunities. The relentless pace of technological advancement, shifting consumer preferences, and global economic forces require businesses to adapt, transform, and innovate continuously. In this context, the role of human resources and technology (HR Tech) becomes increasingly pivotal, as it provides the tools and strategies necessary to drive organizational change and growth.

Analyst Insight: isolved – Punching Above its Weight and Getting Stronger

isolved recently held the 6th annual session of its isolved CONNECT client conference, where it unveiled a range of products and features for its People Cloud Platform aimed at maturing the solution alongside its client and partner base, fueling a strategy set to take the company over $1b in revenues by 2027.

Analyst Insight: Global Payroll Rising: Workday Product Announcement & Event Recap

GenAI dominated the focus for the 15th annual Workday Rising event. But it was quiet yet impactful plans revealed by Workday that has “Global Payroll Rising”, as a key element in the path to international growth and full platform adoption.

Analyst Insight: Talent Intelligence Fundamentally Shifts How Organizations Should Measure Success

This analyst insight explores the significance of new functionality deployed this year by Eightfold AI. The vendor’s people-centered platform stands out in a crowded field of innovations in artificial intelligence. Employers that deploy Eightfold transform their talent acquisition and talent management into something entirely new: talent intelligence. With this comes a commensurately fundamental effect on indicators of success. The key performance indicators of the past just don’t capture the benefits, and 3Sixty Insights recommends that employers fundamentally rethink the calculi they rely on to measure success in the future of work.

Anatomy of a Decision: Box Elects to Leverage Eightfold’s Ai- Enabled Talent Acquisition Solution to Facilitate Candidate Rediscovery

3Sixty Insights explores how file sharing provider Box embarked on a decision process to reevaluate its recruitment tools and implement a solution. This paper outlines how Box realized the need for better integration and better service from its provider, reviewed several options for new partners, selected a single, integrated AI-driven platform for its recruiting needs, adopted a new tool and has been learning to evaluate the results.

Anatomy of a Decision: Harri’s Consultative, Collaborative Approach Equips Restaurants to Manage Growth and Support Employee Experience

For this report, 3Sixty Insights spoke at length with C-suite leadership at Savory Fund and at Cafe Rio Mexican Grill to learn what drivers led their organizations to select Harri to help them manage the employment of frontline staff for extensive restaurant networks. Operational cost savings were a strong rationale compelling them to deepen their respective relationships with this HCM software provider. Expected (and later realized) improvements in the employee experience further galvanized their decision- making in favor of Harri.

Case Study Vignette: Harri – Helping a Private Equity Fund Protect and Grow the Value of Its Restaurant Investments

This Case Study Vignette shares how restaurant- focused private equity firm Savory Fund’s Chief Operating Officer Josh Boshard found refuge in Harri, advanced cloud software for the management of frontline employees. Harri’s artificial intelligence–infused functionality has helped tame related operations, bringing a near-immediate 1 percent to 2 percent cost savings across Savory Fund’s investment portfolio. Boshard now deploys Harri exclusively.

Case Study: Lovisa A Managed Payroll Services Case Study Featuring Links International

Supporting a fast-moving organization with an aggressive global growth strategy poses many challenges and potential risks for HR and payroll leaders. Lovisa quickly found its employee footprint stretching well beyond its ANZ roots, resulting in multiple payroll vendors and in-country solutions supporting its Asia Pacific workforce.

Pulse Survey: What Makes Leave Management the #1 Pain Point – and How to Fix It

A recent herronpalmer survey on HR-Payroll revealed that more than half (60%) of companies cited leave management as a #1 leading pain point for the smooth and efficient running of payroll – 2x that of any other aspect of paying the workforce!  Diagnosing technology and process pain points has been the HR/Payroll conversation most requested by Total Rewards leaders in 2022 and 2023.

Recent News, Podcast, & Articles

#HRandPayroll20: Why the Workplace is Broken with Special Guest Jason Lee

Join Pete and Julie LIVE from Mandalay Bay Las Vegas as they delve into the future of fintech with visionary entrepreneur Jason Lee. Discover the challenges of today’s workplace, the evolving creator economy, and how SALT Labs aims to reforge trust and bring equity to front-line workers. Tune in to this special episode from the HR Technology Conference.

Podcast Series: The Source presented by DailyPay

Pete Tiliakos, a highly-respected payroll and HCM industry influencer, analyst, and thought-leader hosts the DailyPay podcast “The Source”. “The Source” features top financial executives, policymakers and thought leaders in the industry where they share their expert insights and opinions on the latest regulatory, compliance and overall business insights fueling the payroll and HCM industries.

#HRandPayroll20: Executive Conversations Live from PayCon 2023 – Part 2

Join host Pete A. Tiliakos in part one of a three-part series, recorded LIVE from the 42nd Payroll Congress in Denver. Dive into discussions on workplace trends, emerging tech, and the future of pay with leaders from the payroll sector. Special thanks to Danny Schulz of Kohler and The Source by DailyPay.

UKG Press Release – UKG Debuts Groundbreaking Multi-country Payroll Experience at the HR Technology Conference

“One View is highly extensible, agile, and rapidly deployable vs. traditional ‘rip-and-replace solutions,’” said Pete A. Tiliakos, principal analyst and partner at 3Sixty Insights. “It offers adopters a fully integrated and consolidated view of global payroll within weeks rather than months, which provides rapid ROI by transforming global payroll operations while enhancing existing investments and resources.”

hrtech – 3Sixty Insights Merges with GxT Advisors

3Sixty Insights, a prominent research and consulting firm, has revealed its merger with GxT Advisors, an HCM technology and services research advisory firm. This merger will operate under the 3Sixty Insights name and includes plans for a brand refresh later in 2023. GxT Advisors brings extensive marketplace expertise and strategic advisory capabilities, enhancing 3Sixty’s research and content solutions.

payfederate Guest Blog: A New Pay Transparency Playbook

It is common these days for the words ‘trust’ and ‘authenticity’ to be featured in an employer value proposition. After all, they are emblematic of the values underpinning a corporate culture. The reasons for their prevalence are varied, but one could assert this reflects an effort to mitigate workforce sentiments such as a lack of control or lack of feeling valued.

Workforce Software Guest Blog: Operational Communications and Deskless Workers

While psychologist Abraham Maslow’s widely known ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ framework introduced to the world exactly eighty years ago has received some critique over the years—mostly related to research methodologies—it continues to be a hugely popular tool in many settings. The reason is simple. The framework or pyramid universally resonates, largely due to being rooted in extreme common sense, contributing to its broad applicability.

Blueboard Guest Blog: Curating Company Culture in a Complex Talent Market

There is a constant flow of research and information on what the HR agenda should be in organizations in 2023. Topics range from AI and the search for talent, to where, how and when people work, to becoming a skills-first organization. Attracting and retaining top talent has become more challenging in our post-pandemic reality. People want more from work—they want connection, belonging, alignment on values, flexibility, career development, learning, customization, and they want to have great work experiences—not just every now and then, but every day. People want work to be fulfilling and engaging. They want to be passionate about what they are doing and where they are working.

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