Research Note: Experienced People Leader Chooses Ceridian Dayforce for HR Transformation

Research Note: Experienced People Leader Chooses Ceridian Dayforce for HR Transformation What You Need to Know

Key to the long-term success of any business-to-business vendor are its advocates out in the field: professionals who insist on attesting to their positive experience working with any particular vendor and that vendor’s product. For providers of cloud software for human capital management, when these testimonials encompass the intertwinement of their technology with the aspirations of exemplary people leaders, the stories are especially powerful. Whenever HCM software transforms HR, lifting it out of the doldrums and frustrations of out-of-control operational HR and into a new place where people leaders have the administrative part of their charter tamped down and can indeed lead people, it’s a story that demands to be told. In the spirit of amplifying one such testimonial, this Research Note explores the success a member of the 3Sixty Insights Global Executive Advisory Council experienced with Ceridian.

Lucia Valerio: Global People and Culture Leader

Lucia Valerio’s HR career has focused on the marriage between technology and project delivery. She began her career in program and project management, specifically in engineering programs and providing solutions, but switched to human resources as a program manager and HR operations leader. Her career continued in the operations space dealing with processes, programs, and strategies around the technology for HR, such as establishing HCM and application tracking systems.
Lucia always helped ensure these technological tools served the HR team and expanded into all HR touches in employees’ and leaders’ spheres. Standing by the belief, in her words, of “service-first, people-first leadership,” she is dedicated to defining, driving, and executing organizational strategy involving operations and technology.

“Will the Tool Fit the Requirement?”

When Lucia joined a 700-person autonomous trucking company based in California with employees in the United States and Canada, as well as worldwide, her employer had already decided it was time to retire the deployment of a well-known Ceridian competitor’s solution. From previous firsthand experience with this outgoing solution, Lucia understood its shortcomings and believed a change was justified. For the replacement, Ceridian Dayforce was already in the employer’s sights. Still, Lucia wanted to ensure the move to Dayforce was right for the team and that it would help support and elevate the internal HR team in the most significant way possible.

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