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Council Guest Post: Connecting Technology and Growth – The Top Three Ways AI Can Help Improve Leadership in Your Company

If you are like most HR leaders, you are always looking for new ways to improve your team’s performance. And if you are not already taking advantage of HR technology, now is the time to start. In this blog post, we will discuss three ways that AI can help improve leadership in your company. Keep reading to learn more. We are living in the Golden Age of HR Technology. There are hundreds of Artificial Intelligence enabled HR Tech companies focused on various touchpoints of the employee experience and investors have poured billions of dollars into these companies. Gone are the days of waiting for your HRM to innovate at the speed of your changing needs. HR Leaders must start thinking of themselves as HR Technologists. […]

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The Wall Street- Journal - The Workplace Report

The Wall Street Journal | The Workplace Report – Speak Up for Investment in HR Even as Belt Tightening Looms

Human resources departments are vulnerable once again. People teams became essential partners to businesses during the pandemic and transition to remote work. But as companies confront the prospect of a recession this year and tackle slowing growth and decreasing consumer spending, organizational budgets are tightening and mass layoffs are back on the table. HR investments take a backseat, historically, during downturns. Despite the strides made during the pandemic, HR must once again develop a powerful business case for investment rather than divestment. The HR team has proven to be an invaluable—and irreplaceable—resource in assessing organizational structure and performance during times of change. Amid layoffs and uncertainty, leaders need to assess and manage the stress levels of their workforce, said Leslie Linsner, chief human resources officer […]

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Engagedly's Impact on Employee Experience

Webinar: Engagedly’s Impact on Employee Experience & Productivity in Hybrid Work Environment With Jennifer Dole

Recent research conducted by Sixty Insights shows that the implementation of Engagedly can have a positive effect on employee experience and productivity. Jennifer Dole from 3Sixty Insights recently presented our findings which provide organizations with a framework to evaluate the value that they gain from using Engagedly’s offerings. In this session, Jennifer shares stories from several HR leaders on how Engagedly impacts employee experience and productivity in a hybrid work environment. These stories embody the aspiration every HR department has to overcome administrative obstacles, to become less reactive and more proactive, and to transform HR into a strategic, influential agent within the organization, a true asset to senior leadership. These aspirational stories would not be possible without the investment of time from Casey Sanders at […]

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HRTechChat – Alex Furman – Performica

#HRTechChat with Alex Furman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Performica

Company founders play an integral role in the success of businesses. Their stories have the power to engage and inspire others, attract talented employees, persuade potential customers and motivate investors. But what makes a founder’s story so special? Spend a few minutes listening to Performica’s founder Alex Furman share his career story from software engineer to founding team member to head of human resources.  His story evokes emotion and his truth-telling draws you in.  It is clear he has a passion for innovation, change and experimentation. In his HR role, Alex found a critical gap in his search for HR technology. ‘“The fundamental underlying structure by which all of the [HR] data is organized [and technology] functionality is organized … isn’t how work was getting […]

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Research Note: Hired to Transform: Learn How HR Leaders Can Use Ecosystems to Drive Innovation and Change in the Workplace

What You Need to Know Human Resources (HR) leaders are often in a unique position to drive innovation and change within their organization. By utilizing ecosystems, they can create a more collaborative environment that encourages new ways of thinking and working together. Ecosystems provide a structure for people to connect with other parts of the organization, to create a more efficient, effective and empathetic workplace. This can lead to increased creativity and innovation, as well as better customer, employee and manager experiences. About the Research This paper examines how HR leaders that utilize ecosystems are better positioned to drive innovation and influence change as they transform the way managers, employees and enterprise work together. To better understand and highlight the value, 3Sixty Insights interviewed Larry […]

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Organizational Network Analysis

What is Organizational Network Analysis?

On 3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat with Steve Hunt we talked about innovations in technology that are relevant to improving the experience of restructuring (stay tuned for our upcoming research paper on the topic). One of the technologies mentioned was Organizational Network Analysis.  Steve shared “it’s almost crazy to do restructurings without them.”  Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is a tool used to help organizations understand the relationships among their employees and resources in order to better manage them. In this blog post, we will discuss what ONA is and how it works.   To better understand ONA, I called upon my new friends at Performica, co-founders Alex Furman and Erin McCune, to learn more.  Furman shared how his background leading human resources influenced the genesis for the idea.  […]

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Case Study: Office Partners 360 Revolutionizes Its HCM Workflows With Zoho to Scale With Ease and Move Away From Inefficient HR Processes

What you need to know When a company grows, especially when that expansion means new geographies, one of the biggest challenges is ensuring that its business processes, including talent management, not only keep pace but can act as a critical enabler in the expansion. COVID and the impact it had on organizations highlighted similar concerns and problems. While digital transformation presents a solution to many of these challenges and enables many companies to weather the significant issues and roadblocks the pandemic presents, it is only part of the answer. The other part involves the company’s system or software to manage hypergrowth’s HR component. Results come not only in the form of greater efficiencies and attendant time savings, but also, a greater ability to practice empathy. […]

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