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Evolutions Have Heroes, and HR Evolutions Have People Heroes

In mid-spring, we were fortunate and grateful to film an “in-concert” episode of the #HRTechChat video podcast straight from the floor of the Boston stop along the 2023 #isolvedRoadShow. Our guest was one of my very favorite people in human capital management, Geoff Webb, vice president of solution strategy at isolved. It was an interesting conversation. Even more interesting was the impromptu green room time Geoff and I created for ourselves over coffee earlier that day. It was that conversation, especially, that got us to thinking some pretty deep thoughts. Geoff and I went deep into the paint, as basketball fans might say. And for what you’re about to read, the promised follow-up blog post to convey some of those ideas, we won’t get too […]

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SAP’s Steve Hunt & Ingentis’ Michael Grimm Discuss 3Sixty Insights Organizational Restructuring Research

SAP’s Steve Hunt & Ingentis’ Michael Grimm Discuss 3Sixty Insights Organizational Restructuring Research at Unleash America

SAP’s Steve Hunt & Ingentis’ Michael Grimm showcase how cutting-edge HR Technology can unlock new possibilities, optimize talent allocation, and foster agile structures that drive success. Special recognition goes to Steve for acknowledging the joint research with Jennifer Dole and 3Sixty Insights, setting the stage for insights that will reshape an approach to restructuring. Download the report mentioned in the video here: The Next Era of Organizational Restructuring: What We Can and Should Do Differently

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Market Alert: Revolutionizing Talent Management: Phenom’s Workforce Intelligence Platform Empowers Retention and Growth Strategies

Phenom is set to introduce a Workforce Intelligence Platform that aims to reshape talent retention and growth strategies for organizations. Recognizing the challenges of declining employee loyalty and limited career advancements, Phenom is expanding its presence in this space. Their goal is to expand its holistic Intelligent Talent Experience platform to include technology where employees can effectively communicate their aspirations and employers have access to the data for improved talent decisions. With a focus on proactive solutions, Phenom is poised to revolutionize talent management by understanding employee aspirations, detecting early warnings, coaching teams, and fostering real-time collaboration. This introduction emphasizes the importance of “intelligence for talent management,” which combines employee, HR business partners (HRBP), and people managers’ experience to enhance employee retention and growth strategies. […]

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BetterUp Coaching Program: Empowering Women in the Workplace

When it comes to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, many organizations face challenges in ensuring that all employees have equal opportunities for growth and development. This was the case at an Equinix – the digital infrastructure company, where a decline in female director level engagement scores raised concerns about the lack of alignment and engagement among female employees. However, the solution was found in an unexpected place – through the implementation of a coaching program with BetterUp. The HR team needed to act and advise the business. At a roundtable discussion, female directors were asked what could be done to help improve their alignment and engagement. Their response was clear – they wanted a coach or mentor to help guide them in their career […]

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3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat Podcast with Andy Storch and Larry McAlister on Building Resilience and Taking Ownership: The Keys to a Fulfilling Career

#HRTechChat Podcast with Andy Storch and Larry McAlister on Building Resilience and Taking Ownership: The Keys to a Fulfilling Career

Are you someone who dreams of a fulfilling career, but feels bogged down by challenges and setbacks? Do you feel like you’re constantly pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, without seeing the results you want? If so, you’re not alone. But the good news is that there are ways to build resilience and overcome the obstacles that stand in your way. As someone who is passionate about career development, I’ve seen firsthand how a resilient mindset can help people achieve their goals. It’s not just about bouncing back from failures or setbacks, although that’s certainly important. It’s also about having the right mindset, one that is open to growth, learning, and taking ownership of your career. This is especially important in today’s fast-paced and […]

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Video: Learn from PGA Tour Superstore’s Success with Go1’s Comprehensive Online Library

Discover how PGA Tour Superstore refreshed their learning and development infrastructure with Go1’s comprehensive online library. In this insightful 3Sixty Insights video, learn how HR teams can easily identify high-quality resources, organize them into effective training interventions, and deliver consistent learning experiences. Refresh and revolutionize your L&D solutions with Go1’s tailored content library, and gain insights from PGA Tour Superstore’s success story. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your organization’s training and development initiatives. #L&Dsolutions #traininganddevelopment #Go1 #PGA Tour Superstore #learningexperiences #HRteams #contentlibrary #successstory Read the full report covered in the video here: Refresh Your L&D Infrastructure With Go1’s Comprehensive Content Library

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