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Our goal is to support line-of-business leaders, solution providers, IT professionals, and others involved in enterprise software decision-making in their efforts to understand the value of their deployments and navigate an ever-changing buying process affected incalculably over the past two decades by the cloud and other factors.

In pursuit of this goal, we are interested in hearing the details of experiences organizations have in selecting, buying and using technology for the enterprise. We pride ourselves on synthesizing these details into credible third-party, non-biased research for the software and technology end-user, in the voice of the end-user.

This means the 3Sixty Insights analyst team is always on the hunt to talk with end-users and learn about their buying experiences and the impacts software and other technology have had on their organizations.

With approval, we include especially illustrative real-world stories in our published work. This helps to educate others and provide much-deserved public-facing recognition and validation to the professionals whose experiences inform our work.

With our research, our objective is to provide a bridge that leads to constructive and mutually beneficial relationships between organizations engaged in the use and development of packaged software and related services.

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