The Employee Experience: HR Must Learn to Let Go

This week I happen to be in Nashville, Tenn., to attend HR software vendor isolved’s annual user conference, isolved Connect. Wednesday morning’s keynote from Chief Marketing Officer James Norwood touched on how organizations top-to-bottom must meet employees where they are today. Mentally, where those employees are today is a very different place than pre-pandemic. Because of this shift, employers must fundamentally rethink the employment value proposition. It’s solid advice. In listening to James and viewing the slides displaying stats backing up his assertions, it occurred to me: along with this recalculation of the employer–employee relationship is a basic truth. It’s always been there. But cultural attitudes and the state of the art of software have only recently brought us to a place and point where […]

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3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat with Lina Tonk, Senior Vice President of Marketing at isolved

Who should own the employee experience (EX)? “There’s room for everyone,” said isolved Senior Vice President of Marketing Lina Tonk during her guest appearance on the #HRTechChat video podcast. And she’s right. The EX occurs everywhere any employee is involved in work. “I do believe the final responsibility should reside with HR. And I think HR leaders will probably agree with that.” They probably would, yes. HR’s job is not to micromanage the EX, however; it is to shepherd, lead and help shape it. From this, responsibility naturally flows. Speaking of marketing, have you ever wondered whether, why or how marketing and HR could join forces to bolster and improve EX? I know that I have. And it turns out that it’s an idea gaining […]

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For Insight Into Why a Company Might Be Failing, Look Beyond the Numbers

It never ceases to amaze me that when a business begins to fail, its leaders inevitably turn to the numbers. Don’t get me wrong: Numbers are certainly important. But focus too much on them, and you’ll be doomed to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Sears and other giants of yesteryear. It’s no secret that the recent pandemic and its lingering economic impacts have left their collective imprints on people and businesses far and wide. Unfortunately, the repercussions for some businesses have been incredibly detrimental, and many are grappling with a suddenly uncertain future. Now that the pandemic’s upheaval has stabilized, one would think these businesses should see a financial turnaround, and yet they continue to struggle. If it’s not the global pandemic, then […]

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Making the Most of Your Corporate Events in 2022

‘Tis the season for new year’s resolutions. We’re all thinking about how we can do better in 2022, and if you’re a vendor planning to host events in the coming year, 3Sixty Insights has some advice to share. We’ve seen many vendors going all-in on events in the COVID era. Some have been great; others, not so much. Below are our takeaways from the past few years. First, let’s agree that event hosts should always offer virtual options. Even as we prepare for more in-person events, we must continue to provide virtual accessibility. If COVID has proven one thing, it’s that we are all living with uncertainty: about the future, about the right decisions, and about our own and others’ comfort levels. At this point, […]

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Sears: What’s the Lost Opportunity Cost for a Squandered Super Brand?

It’s understandable and only human to focus on the calculator when revenue stagnates, dwindles or looks like it might do either. In business, however, the circumstances signal that we must exercise our actual humanity and invest like mad in what we have built. This isn’t everyone’s reflex, but the alternative is to descend irretrievably into the death spiral of left-brain-only leadership. For all its incessant focus on ensuring the business remains in the black, the attitude only leads to financial ruin—everything the left brain fears. In the Wake of Sears… Jeff Bezos must have loved whoever it was who got rid of the Sears’ catalog. Only an unforced error of such magnitude would ever have ledt a berth in its wake wide enough for a […]

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3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat with James La Brash, Founding Managing Director at InFlight

3Sixty Insights welcomed James La Brash late last week to the latest episode of #HRTechChat. James is founding managing director of InFlight. Truth be told, James and I have had the pleasure of engaging in several conversations, and we finally concluded that we should try to capture in the podcast as many of the great ideas we’ve discussed as possible. As anyone can imagine, there just wasn’t enough time to cover everything, but we did get to a lot of it. The launching pad for our discussion in the video here is the idea that there just might be some room for human capital management and marketing — the CHRO and CMO — to cooperate, benefiting from mutual data analytics wherever possible. Furthermore, we noted […]

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