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Monthly Research Recap | November 2022

Upcoming Events: Neeyamo Evolve Beyond Borders | January 19 – 20th 2023 Join Brent Skinner, Co- Founder- 3Sixty Insights, as he shares his ideas and best practices to prepare your organization for the #Futureofwork at Neeyamo’s Evolve Beyond Borders event January 19 – 20th 2023. Recent Research: Research Note: Engagedly’s E3 Platform Delivers Significant, Positive Impact to Productivity and the Employee Experience 3Sixty Insights spoke at length with Engagedly customers HIMSS, Christian Care Ministry, and Tallan. When deploying this vendor’s E3 Platform, users can expect not only a bevy of newfound efficiencies, but also a boost to their ability to show empathy to their workforce. Clearly, improvements to productivity and the employee experience go hand in hand with the deployment of modern technology for talent […]

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Research Note: Engagedly’s E3 Platform Delivers Significant, Positive Impact to Productivity and the Employee Experience

What You Need to Know The modern workplace is becoming increasingly competitive, with employees having more options than ever before when it comes to where and how they choose to work. Employees want to be engaged in their work, have a sense of purpose, and feel like they are part of something bigger. To meet these expectations, organizations must strive to create a positive work culture, provide meaningful work, and offer opportunities for development and growth. By focusing on developing and nurturing an employee-centric work experience, organizations can create a more positive and productive environment resulting in better retention and increased productivity. But to aspire simply to making the workplace more efficient and productive is to miss much subtlety and fail to fathom the potential […]

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#HRTechChat Explores isolved’s Acquisition of AAP

This past summer, isolved acquired AAP, an administrative services organization (ASO) and significant member of isolved’s large network of similar companies using isolved’s software-as-a-service solution for human capital management to carry out part or all of HR for their clients. Demonstrating why AAP is an especially good match for the vendor, this in-network acquisition underscores several of isolved’s strengths. Joining me on the video podcast to explain were Andy Osborne, who was CEO of AAP for 20 years, and Lina Tonk, who has been with isolved for many years herself, becoming the organization’s chief marketing officer shortly after her previous appearance on #HRTechChat. This acquisition of AAP reflects an important element of isolved’s growth strategy. Bringing members of this network fully under the isolved brand […]

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SHRM – How to Conduct a Skills Gap Analysis

One of the most critical functions that solo HR practitioners can perform for their employer is to determine what skills their workers have and what skills they will need in the future. Conducting a skills gap analysis can help ensure the organization is ready for whatever changes and challenges lie ahead. “It’s the process an HR person uses to identify specific skills required to perform a certain task or role within an organization and then compare those skills against the actual skills employees have,” says Jennifer Dole, director and principal analyst for 3Sixty Insights, a consultancy based in Boston. Continue Reading Here: How to Conduct a Skills Gap Analysis

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#HRTechChat Asks Enavrio: “Is Technology Vendor Selection Really Just about Technology Vendor Selection?”

When exactly should vendor selection really start? Is it ever just about vendor selection? Many times, employers should step back, rethink assumptions, and consider whether vendor selection even is the right path. Whatever ails their HCM or impedes them from achieving their vision may be traceable to something other than technology or whatever vendor may already be deployed. This episode of the video podcast is a brainchild of sorts. It stems from a conversation at the HR Technology Conference & Expo with Brenda Laughlin and Brian Turk, managing partners at Enavrio. “Is technology vendor selection really just about technology vendor selection?” I asked. And here we are now, the three of us, on #HRTechChat to explore the answer to this seemingly circular question. Enavrio is […]

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#HRTechChat: Jamie Aitken, Vice President of HR Transformation at Betterworks

“Nobody wakes up in the middle of the night going, ‘Oh, great, tomorrow is my performance review,” said Jamie Aitken in a moment of light-hearted sarcasm during this episode of #HRTechChat. My latest guest on our video podcast, Jamie is vice president of HR Transformation at Betterworks. There’s truth in humor, by the way. In 2017, Adobe published a report titled “Performance Reviews Get a Failing Grade.” The results to the associated survey painted a bleak picture for the conventional, annual performance review. Startlingly, 22 percent of respondents admitted to having cried after their performance review. You have to wonder how many more shouted strung-together four-letter words at the sky. From the same survey, 58 percent of respondents said performance reviews are stressful,  and 37 […]

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#HRTechChat: Nicole Davies, Vice President of Talent Optimization at Valet Living

For this episode of the #HRTechChat video podcast, my guest was Nicole Davies, vice president of talent optimization at Valet Living. Our discussion covered her department’s highly successful deployment of Quantum Workplace, which 3Sixty Insights details in a recently published case study. If you’ve ever lived in a multifamily home, condominium complex or apartment building, it’s possible that you’ve benefitted from Valet Living. United States-based and close to 28 years old, Valet Living operates in more than 40 states and employs approximately 10,000; about 8,500 are part-time staff. Together, these employees carry out amenity services such as package delivery, waste removal, and dog walking to the 1.8 million homes in residential communities with which the company partners. Driving Nicole’s decision to propose deploying Quantum Workplace […]

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