For Insight Into Why a Company Might Be Failing, Look Beyond the Numbers

It never ceases to amaze me that when a business begins to fail, its leaders inevitably turn to the numbers. Don’t get me wrong: Numbers are certainly important. But focus too much on them, and you’ll be doomed to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Sears and other giants of yesteryear. It’s no secret that the recent pandemic and its lingering economic impacts have left their collective imprints on people and businesses far and wide. Unfortunately, the repercussions for some businesses have been incredibly detrimental, and many are grappling with a suddenly uncertain future. Now that the pandemic’s upheaval has stabilized, one would think these businesses should see a financial turnaround, and yet they continue to struggle. If it’s not the global pandemic, then […]

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3Sixty Insights Monthly Recap | June 2022

Latest Research: Research Note: Global Mobility – Strategize for the Employee Experience and Related Organizational Success In the wake of two-and-a-half years of a global pandemic, global mobility has become a strategic imperative for any employer wishing to compete in the international war for talent. This research note lays out the challenges, including a rash of concerns related to compliance, that organizations face in accommodating a borderless workforce. And it explains how Immedis is a vendor and partner with deep expertise and the related technology for human capital management to support global mobility. Anatomy of a Decision: GBS Worldwide Elects to Expand Use of PandoLogic Following Early Success After first trying Appcast and, then, Joveo, digital advertising firm GBS Worldwide deployed PandoLogic’s AI-enabled job advertising […]

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Is the Great Resignation to Blame for Corporate Shortcomings, We Think Not | Lessons Learned by JetBlue Failures

How many times have we heard that the Great Resignation is to blame for corporate shortcomings these days? Companies of all sizes, from small businesses to major multinational organizations, are struggling to keep up with demand. When they fall short, what’s behind that failure? Well, if simply repeating something makes it true, then the cause is a lack of employees. Certainly, staffing shortages can and will cause business to slow, but that shouldn’t lead to the large-scale disfunction we’re seeing in businesses today. The Great Resignation has simply become the scapegoat du jour—after all, it’s human nature to seek external sources on which to pin our failings. More often than not, though, we must look internally to find the true cause. Leaders of struggling businesses […]

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Making the Most of Your Corporate Events in 2022

‘Tis the season for new year’s resolutions. We’re all thinking about how we can do better in 2022, and if you’re a vendor planning to host events in the coming year, 3Sixty Insights has some advice to share. We’ve seen many vendors going all-in on events in the COVID era. Some have been great; others, not so much. Below are our takeaways from the past few years. First, let’s agree that event hosts should always offer virtual options. Even as we prepare for more in-person events, we must continue to provide virtual accessibility. If COVID has proven one thing, it’s that we are all living with uncertainty: about the future, about the right decisions, and about our own and others’ comfort levels. At this point, […]

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HR Tech Alliances | December Virtual Collaboration Zone – HR Buyers Suppliers Showcase – December 8th 2021

Join the 3Sixty Insights team as we join executives from top suppliers of HR Buyer at HR Tech Alliances upcoming HR Buyer Suppliers Showcase, a virtual collaboration zone being held December 8th 2021. During this event, you’ll be able to meet with executives from top suppliers of HR buyers via Service Briefings, Q&A and Roundtable sessions, learning about how they are driving quality leads in 2022, their offerings, and client success stories. To learn more or receive access complements of 3Sixty Insights ($200 value), you can visit their website here: HR Tech Alliances | December Virtual Collaboration Zone – HR Buyers Suppliers Showcase – December 8th 2021

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The Importance of Customer Support to Keep a Business Financially Viable

We recently wrote about the importance of delivery in keeping businesses afloat, arguing that maintaining your current customer base is in many ways even more important than winning new business. After all, you have already put in the work to win your clients over, and if you disappoint them now, you risk losing them. While your leads represent potential, your customers represent an investment you have already made. Maintaining the good will of your current customer base should always be your top priority, and support is a critical component of customer satisfaction. We have seen many organizations prioritizing outsourcing and automation in recent years, and we agree, efficiency is great—unless it comes at the cost of customer support. As customers of other organizations ourselves, we […]

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