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3Sixty Insights Monthly Recap | May 2022

Recent Research: Research Preview: Payroll, HCM, and Complexity: What Are the Big Concerns in Managing Remote, Global, or Otherwise Complex Workforces? 3Ssixty Insights Co-Founder Brent Skinner’s Research Preview launching our exploration into future-of-work changes on the horizon for the kind of human capital management handled by the likes of Neeyamo, Globalization Partners, Papaya Global, Immedis, CloudPay, and others. One of our 2022 HCM themes looks at payroll, HCM, and complexity vis-à-vis professional employer organizations, human resource outsourcers, employers of record and how they help organizations manage remote, global, or otherwise complex workforces. Analyst Insight: Strategizing for High-Volume Hiring Success This Analyst Insight by 3Ssixty Insights delves into the artificial intelligence-powered Talent Experience Management (TXM) platform by Phenom. AI technology can greatly streamline, accelerate and personalize […]

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retrain.ai Webinar Responsible AI and the NYC Audit Law – What You Should Know Before 2023 | June 8th at 10am EST

What exactly defines responsible AI? And how will increased regulation impact HR tech integration across industries? Hiring a diverse workforce can introduce a varied soft skills base, offer fresh perspectives and boost creativity, ultimately increasing resilience and competitive advantage for enterprises who invest in DEI. AI integrated into HR Tech can support DEI efforts by reducing bias–if it’s responsible. Join us for a special webinar and learn about the new AI Audit Law coming to NYC in January 2023, including: What the law entails and what it means for your organization What HR Leaders need to know now to prepare over the next six months How increased regulation presents an opportunity for strengthened DEI How to speak the language and ask the right questions of […]

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HCM Technology Report – Q&A: Where Advanced Technology Leads HR’s Strategic Plan

Brent Skinner is co-founder, director and principal analyst of HCM practice at the analyst firm 3Sixty Insights. HCM Technology Report spoke with him about how HR has leveraged technology to run their organization more smoothly, help plan its future, and also about new technologies it might adopt. When it comes to advanced technology in HR, what’s going on today? Is it still all about AI, or are there other things worth paying attention to? That’s a good question. I think it is a lot about AI. I’m hard pressed to think of something else that is the next best thing after AI. I mean, one thing that you keep hearing about in the periphery is quantum computing, and I don’t profess to have an answer […]

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SilkRoad Webinar Series | Modern Onboarding: The Expanding Concept of a Point Solution Indispensable to the Employee Experience

Join 3Sixty Insights’ Brent Skinner, as he discusses Modern Onboarding: The Expanding Concept of a Point Solution Indispensable to the Employee Experience Tuesday, April 05 , 2022 @ EMEA – 1:00 GMT | APAC – 11:00 AM AEDT. Webinar Description: Anyone who’s followed HCM technology long enough understands: It’s been an odyssean journey for point solutions. What’s the next leg of the trip? To answer this question of where we’re going, we need to consider where HCM is today—and look to the past too. The focus on the quality of the employee experience is stronger than ever. Interestingly, you can thank the pandemic for this—in part, anyway. For well past a decade, professionals in HCM have steadily increased their healthy obsession over gauging and improving […]

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3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat with James Norwood, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer of isolved

Consider: It’s not necessarily that an employer has a performance management problem or, say, a learning management system problem. We must strive to marshal the discrete domains of human capital management, the silos, as one multidisciplinary instrument to solve employers’ people-related needs and challenges. This is the high-level strategic value in industry-specific and industry-tailored suites for HCM, in my opinion. They help us think about HCM more holistically. They help vendors and users alike of technology for HCM break free from silo-think. There’s plenty additional value, as well, for the industries these tailored HCM suites address. Software-as-a-service provider isolved recently launched People Cloud for Healthcare Services, a version of its HCM software suite exclusively for employers in health and medical services. To discuss the new […]

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Market Alert: Cornerstone’s Acquisition of EdCast Creates First Mature End-To-End Future-Of-Work Learning Suite From a Single Vendor

What Happened In mid-March 2022, corporate learning solutions vendor Cornerstone announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire EdCast, provider of a learning experience platform. Once the acquisition is complete, as a result, the industry’s first mature end-to-end learning suite will be available from a single vendor. Background Following a long stint as a publicly traded company, Cornerstone returned to private ownership in late 2021, this time under the auspices of the private equity firm Clearlake Capital Group L.P. With this development for Cornerstone comes the flexibility and agility to compete in a crowded market for corporate learning technology and products. The acquisition of EdCast is evidence.   Download the full 3Sixty Insights Market Alert:

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