Is the Great Resignation to Blame for Corporate Shortcomings, We Think Not | Lessons Learned by JetBlue Failures

How many times have we heard that the Great Resignation is to blame for corporate shortcomings these days? Companies of all sizes, from small businesses to major multinational organizations, are struggling to keep up with demand. When they fall short, what’s behind that failure? Well, if simply repeating something makes it true, then the cause is a lack of employees. Certainly, staffing shortages can and will cause business to slow, but that shouldn’t lead to the large-scale disfunction we’re seeing in businesses today. The Great Resignation has simply become the scapegoat du jour—after all, it’s human nature to seek external sources on which to pin our failings. More often than not, though, we must look internally to find the true cause. Leaders of struggling businesses […]

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Rebel HR Guest Podcast: Leadership Training that Works with Tom Tonkin

Tom is an executive in Professional Services and the Software Sales area with over 25 years of business and technology experience. He is currently serving as Senior Principal, Change Management and Transformation, Thought Leadership and Advisory Services.  Tom was the CEO and Co-Founder of the Sales Conservatory, which helped sales leaders increase revenue through sales enablement, efficient, and effective sales processes. Tom spent a major part of his career at Oracle Corporation, 19 years to be exact.  He was the Senior Director of the Sales Performance Group in Oracle’s Global Sales Academy. He has also served in various leadership roles at Oracle in both Sales and Consulting, across midsize and enterprise customers, in North America and globally. Tom’s industry background includes Healthcare, Insurance, and Telecommunications, […]

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3Sixty Insights Anatomy of a Decision

Anatomy of a Decision: Family Service Rochester Elects to Partner With AssetHR and Implement isolved

What You Need to Know Many industries have struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic: supply chain issues, the Great Resignation, and ongoing shifts between remote and on-site work have plagued the majority of companies in nearly every field. The healthcare industry has had it worse than most. There are simply not enough qualified medical professionals to meet the global need. Ironically, just as work-life balance is gaining broad acceptance as a critical element of mental health, it has become nearly impossible for anyone working in healthcare to attain. With rampant burnout industry-wide, healthcare organizations are struggling with retention, and even the most well-intentioned are hard-pressed to improve the employee experiences they’re able to provide in the circumstances. A recent study conducted by isolved found that 36 […]

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3Sixty Insights - Retrain - HRTechChat - Thumbnail

3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat with and Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Isabelle Bichler is co-founder and chief operating officer of An employment litigation attorney, Robert T. Szyba is a partner at Seyfarth Shaw LLP. Both are well-qualified to discuss the at once inescapable and intriguing trends at the intersection of AI and human capital management, and they joined us as my guests for this episode of the #HRTechChat video podcast. is the creator of AI-based self-evolving ontologies that unearth the relationships at the intersection of an organization’s existing and future roles, its people, and their hard, soft and transferable skills. During the chat, Bichler provided an impassioned, detailed explanation on why this is so important — and why the development of responsible AI in this area is essential to helping leaders act equitably as […]

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reworked – Is Content Still King in Corporate Learning?

Many HR technology vendors have upped the development of content and engagement tools in recent years, but Cornerstone OnDemand stands out for the time, attention and dollars the company has channeled into making content an integral component of its platform and solutions. In March, Cornerstone acquired the learning experience platform provider EdCast. When announcing the deal, Cornerstone said it hoped to create a “next generation technology blueprint for the future-ready workforce.” Buzzwords aside, the companies, which are expected to continue to operate independently for a time, promised to develop new approaches to experiential learning, content and skill-building, all the while creating a unified and scalable talent infrastructure. Brent Skinner, director and principal analyst at North Billerica, Mass., analyst firm 3Sixty Insights, sees the EdCast acquisition as […]

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HR Tech Alliance - Town Hall Cornerstone Acquisition

HR Tech Alliances Town Hall | Cornerstone’s Acquisition of EdCast with Brent Skinner of 3Sixty Insights

Brent Skinner, our co-founder and HCM practice lead, was recently the featured guest on HR Tech Alliances’ Weekly Town Hall. During his appearance, he shared his thoughts on the following: This month’s acquisition of EdCast by Cornerstone brings many benefits to both vendors. The most significant benefit, however, is the one this acquisition, once complete, brings to the market itself: the industry’s first mature end-to-end future-of-work learning suite from a single vendor. Once again, we see that Cornerstone is a bona fide agile 800lbs gorilla in corporate learning, equipped with all the fixings that modern on-the-job learning and career development necessitate: AI, machine learning LXP, LMS, content, etc. Other solution providers in learning, even those who play just around its edges, must now figure out […]

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Market Alert: Cornerstone’s Acquisition of EdCast Creates First Mature End-To-End Future-Of-Work Learning Suite From a Single Vendor

What Happened In mid-March 2022, corporate learning solutions vendor Cornerstone announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire EdCast, provider of a learning experience platform. Once the acquisition is complete, as a result, the industry’s first mature end-to-end learning suite will be available from a single vendor. Background Following a long stint as a publicly traded company, Cornerstone returned to private ownership in late 2021, this time under the auspices of the private equity firm Clearlake Capital Group L.P. With this development for Cornerstone comes the flexibility and agility to compete in a crowded market for corporate learning technology and products. The acquisition of EdCast is evidence.   Download the full 3Sixty Insights Market Alert:

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