Workforce Software Guest Blog: Operational Communications and Deskless Workers

While psychologist Abraham Maslow’s widely known ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ framework introduced to the world exactly eighty years ago has received some critique over the years—mostly related to research methodologies—it continues to be a hugely popular tool in many settings. The reason is simple. The framework or pyramid universally resonates, largely due to being rooted in extreme common sense, contributing to its broad applicability.

This commonsense foundational principle is that one cannot successfully pursue many avenues for personal growth and enjoy sustained feelings of value (i.e., worth, accomplishment, self-actualization) without the satisfaction of basic human needs. This includes having adequate food, shelter and medical needs addressed, feeling physically safe—and after that, having a more emotional, heartfelt connection to other people. That human interaction is often based on sharing commonalities and revolves around mutual respect and admiration. This state of being can be referred to as feelings of belonging—to an individual or group.

We’ll discuss how Maslow’s hierarchy is at play for deskless workers and how integrated, mobile, operational communications allow these employees to feel more engaged and realize their potential.

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