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Workforce Software Guest Blog: Toolkit for Improving the Deskless Worker Employee Experience

The Growing Importance of Employee Experience in Recent Years Delivering a superior employee experience (EX) has been a front-and-center topic in HR circles. The reasons are straightforward and include outcomes such as improved employee productivity and retention, as well as a stronger employer brand for attracting top talent. These significant business benefits are being enjoyed by enterprises across industries and geographies when best-fit employee experience programs are in place, extending to predominantly deskless worker industries such as manufacturing, natural resources, public sector, transportation, and retail. The “best-fit” employee experience program encompasses more than the unique operating aspects of a particular industry as businesses within the same vertical can still have very different EX-related challenges and results. This is the case even when their respective compensation, benefits, learning and career growth […]

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Monthly Research Recap | November 2023

Latest Research: Market Alert: Paylocity Expands Its Suite of Services and Solutions Last week, Paylocity, a leading cloud human capital management (HCM) and payroll software company, expanded its suite of services and solutions with the introduction of two new products. Employee Voice and Recognition & Rewards may both be broadly categorized as employee engagement offerings, but each meets a distinct and critical need for organizations aiming to attract and retain top talent and maintain a competitive edge with the modern workforce. UKG Press Release – UKG One View Earns Industry Praise for Groundbreaking Multi-country Payroll Visibility, Simplicity The success of UKG One View is being celebrated this week at the UKG Aspire customer conference. The first-of-its kind technology-led experience extends the strength of the UKG […]

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#HRandPayroll20: Executive Conversations Live from PayCon 2023 – Part 3

This special episode is part three of a three-part series featuring executive conversations recorded LIVE from the 42nd annual Payroll Congress in Denver, CO, in May of 2023! Join host Pete A. Tiliakos as he sits down with practitioners, leaders, and executives from across the payroll and payments marketplace to discuss a range of workplace trends, challenges, and the emerging tech and solutions shaping the future of pay! Thank you to Dawn Taylor, Senior Accounts Payable Manager at Breckenridge Grand Vacations for a great conversation, and to The Source by DailyPay for their generosity in hosting these sessions and sharing them with the HR & Payroll 2.0 audience! Our HR & Payroll 2.0 Series is also available as a podcast on the following platforms: Apple […]

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#HRandPayroll20: Global Payroll or Global EOR? with Special Guest Kira Rubiano

On this episode, Pete and Julie welcome VP of Payroll Operations for Atlas and all-around global payroll pro, Kira Rubiano to the show! After getting to know Kira and her “path to payroll”, the group discusses the current and future state of global payroll, including the difference between global payroll and global EOR and how they uniquely support multinational organizations. They also explore how technology is shaping the payroll experience and profession, the path to payroll’s elusive “seat at the table”, and tips and insights for moving payroll forward in the modern organization! Pulse Survey HR and payroll practitioners, leaders, and executives are encouraged to join our current pulse survey, What Makes Leave Management the #1 Pain Point – and How to Fix It? Be […]

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UKG Press Release – UKG One View Earns Industry Praise for Groundbreaking Multi-country Payroll Visibility, Simplicity

The success of UKG One View is being celebrated this week at the UKG Aspire customer conference. The first-of-its kind technology-led experience extends the strength of the UKG Pro suite to help multinational organizations manage their entire workforce — from complex scheduling to payday — with the same consistent experience, regardless of where in the world their employees work. “Every member of our team is vital to our business success, and we’re excited to provide everyone with a singular pay experience that unlocks full visibility into payroll data, regardless of which in-country providers we leverage,” said Eric Sweet, senior manager of HRIS and compensation at Rollins, a premier global consumer and commercial service company operating through its family of brands in countries around the globe. “UKG One View […]

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Guest LinkedIn Live: Blueprint for keeping your organization agile

  Steve Goldberg, HCM research & advisory, and Jennifer Borun, senior director, analyst relations and strategic engagement of Cornerstone, sat down on LinkedIn Live to discuss how to guide your organization through solving future problems and succeeding in a volatile market. Take one look at the news (or your LinkedIn feed), and you’ll see a lot of talk about market changes and economic shifts. There’s fear and uncertainty about what’s to come. Steve explained that unpredictability and volatility are relative concepts, but the landscape of a pandemic has given these terms a tangible depth and taken uncertainty to a new level. That level, Steve said, is “a period of max fluidity.” Fancy term! But what is “max fluidity”? Think of the supply chain disruptions currently […]

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deal architect Guest Podcast: Burning Platform – Insights from Fall 2023 Industry Events

For this 104rd  episode of Burning Platform, Vinnie Mirchandani host Pete Tiliakos of 3Sixty Insights and Jon Reed of Diginomica. He invited them both as we approach the end of Fall slate of Industry Events to get a distillation of perspectives from 25 or so events the three of them were privileged to be part of. It is a rapid-fire 40 minutes and they broadly go over 5 topics. As smart analysts are prone to do, they have strong opinions, they disagree on several points, and take off on some tangents including one on the potential global scenario of “de-dollarization” starting around 31.00 The first section summarizes their “sentiment” and the attendee vibe they picked up from the events. Vendor AR and event managers will […]

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#HRandPayroll20: Why the Workplace is Broken with Special Guest Jason Lee

On this very special episode, Pete and Julie are LIVE from the HR Technology Conference and Exposition at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas. They welcome visionary fintech entrepreneur, on-demand pay pioneer, and founder of DailyPay and now SALT Labs, Jason Lee, to the show to discuss why the workplace is broken and how fintech may be the answer to help fix it. The group digs into the rising angst and battle between employees and employers, the challenges both face in the “creator economy” and every evolving workplace, and how employers can rebalance the relationship with employees and re-establish trust to put the workforce back on track.  Jason also teases his new venture, SALT Labs – a new fintech solution aimed at pushing equity to essential front-line […]

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Safeguard Global’s ChatSG Aims to Become the Employment Interface to The World

This past week global workforce solutions provider Safeguard Global announced the launch of ChatSG. A generative AI solution powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT and the latest Safeguard Global innovation aimed at easing the challenges of compliant global HR and employment by empowering leaders with workforce insights to enable data-driven decision-making. Through ChatSG, which is currently open and accessible to all, registered users are provided a natural language processing (NLP) enabled conversational interface for sourcing answers to compliance and employment-related queries across more than 70 countries (with more on the roadmap) and available through prompts in 40 languages. In my research of global payroll, employer of record (EoR), and HCM solutions, compliance generally places at the top of buyer feedback as a key driver of solution selection […]

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UKG - Analyst Summit

Event Recap: UKG Analyst Day

UKG recently held the spring edition of its annual analyst day in Boston, bringing together senior executives from across the organization and products for a deep dive business and innovation update with the analyst community. The following is a recap of the highlights from the annual event and my thoughts on the outlook for UKG and its HCM technology suites. UKG Business Update 2023 is off to a solid start as UKG achieved a company milestone in surpassing $1b in quarterly revenues for the second consecutive quarter in its history as a combined company and steaming toward its goal of $5b in gross revenue by FY’2025. Adoption across UKG’s portfolio of HCM and WFM solutions remains strong, with 20% y/y growth in Q2 FY’23, driven […]

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#HRandPayroll20: Executive Conversations Live from PayCon 2023 – Part 2

This special episode is part two of a three-part series featuring executive conversations recorded LIVE from the 42nd annual Payroll Congress in Denver, CO, in May of 2023!  Join host Pete A. Tiliakos as he sits down with practitioners, leaders, and executives from across the payroll and payments marketplace to discuss a range of workplace trends, challenges, and the emerging tech and solutions shaping the future of pay!  Thank you to Danny Schulz, Senior Manager, Payroll, Systems, and Taxes at Kohler for a great conversation, and to The Source by DailyPay for their generosity in hosting these sessions and sharing them with the HR & Payroll 2.0 audience! Our HR & Payroll 2.0 Series is also available as a podcast on the following platforms: Apple […]

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3Sixty Insights Names Pamela Stroko Director and Principal Analyst of Talent and Performance Management

BOSTON, MA – 3Sixty Insights, a research, advisory, and consulting firm, is pleased to welcome Pamela Stroko to its leadership team. Stroko will head the company’s talent management practice area as that division’s Director and Principal Analyst. “Pamela is well-known as a thought leader in the talent management space,” said Nicholas Biron, founder and CEO of 3Sixty Insights. “We are delighted that she is bringing her wealth of expertise as a practitioner, as a consultant, and on the vendor side to our analyst team.” Stroko is an experienced HCM practitioner and an expert in HR technology. She previously served as Vice President of HCM Transformation & Thought Leadership at Oracle, and, more recently, led her own HCM consultancy. She has helped numerous organizations develop their […]

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Anatomy of a Decision: Box Elects to Leverage Eightfold’s Ai- Enabled Talent Acquisition Solution to Facilitate Candidate Rediscovery

What You Need to Know Enterprises have choices when it comes to vendors that offer a single-platform solution and promise the ability to hire better candidates faster. By now, most have realized the value of investing in integrated platforms, software and apps to advance HR functions. An enterprise’s platform could boast all the bells and whistles — but is it integrating with its tools exactly the way the company needs to meet its human capital management (HCM) objectives? Are its systems leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to enable more holistic recruitment processes? If not, how does a business embark on seeking, evaluating, selecting and implementing the right solution that can integrate with its existing components? 3Sixty Insights explores how file sharing provider Box embarked on a […]

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isolved - HR Planning for FY24 Webinar

Webinar: HR Planning for FY24: Business as Unusual | Thursday, December 7, 2023, 1:00pm – 2:00pm ET

It’s time to pause to think about the year ahead. What changes do you want to see and, more importantly, what are the results you (and your organization) need to experience as a result? Whether it’s a people-strategy change, a structural change, a technology change or an experimental change, the processes to be agile in the way you plan, bring everyone onboard and get the organization ready for it, remain the same. And there is absolutely no better time to start than right now. Join this Q&A session to hear from organizational agility expert and industry analyst, advisor and influencer Steve Goldberg on how to enact, enable and embrace change at your company – regardless of size or type. Moderated by isolved VP of Brand […]

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Case Study Vignette: Harri – Helping a Private Equity Fund Protect and Grow the Value of Its Restaurant Investments

Private equity can be a tough business. So is the restaurant industry. Imagine combining the two. A private equity firm first and foremost must have wealth. And it must be adept at conserving and building that wealth. Those are the main criteria for success. As for running a restaurant, the margins can be thin. This is why, for any restaurant, among the most time-consuming activities (and greatest operational costs) are those associated with employing people effectively and compliantly. Scheduling is a big one here. Putting together employees’ hours is another. With non-exempt staff’s fluctuating hours and toggling between workweeks considered part-time and full-time under the law, benefits administration can be a big challenge, too. At a restaurant, these operational costs have a way of easily […]

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Research Note: Experienced People Leader Chooses Ceridian Dayforce for HR Transformation

What You Need to Know Key to the long-term success of any business-to-business vendor are its advocates out in the field: professionals who insist on attesting to their positive experience working with any particular vendor and that vendor’s product. For providers of cloud software for human capital management, when these testimonials encompass the intertwinement of their technology with the aspirations of exemplary people leaders, the stories are especially powerful. Whenever HCM software transforms HR, lifting it out of the doldrums and frustrations of out-of-control operational HR and into a new place where people leaders have the administrative part of their charter tamped down and can indeed lead people, it’s a story that demands to be told. In the spirit of amplifying one such testimonial, this […]

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Immedis: Memoirs From the Outside Looking In

“The days are long, but the years are short.” ― Gretchen Rubin, New York Times Best-Selling Author Many of us have heard some rendition of this saying. Plenty of us have thought the idea with no prompt whatsoever. The version above encapsulates the concept as good as any and is attributable to acclaimed author Gretchen Rubin, whose work I have not read. Surely her books must be profound. What else is profound? The trajectory of Immedis is. Sometimes, the people you meet when you’re in the thick of starting something new leave an impression that sticks with you. I stopped short of titling this blog post “A Love Letter to Immedis,” because it’s not quite this. Plus, it would be a little bit weird. But […]

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Case Study: Rutherford Investment Company Partners with isolved to Evolve from Operational to Strategic HR

What You Need to Know We often discuss digitization as a way to facilitate operational HR—the nitty gritty fundamentals, the necessities, the boxes that need to be checked. The assumption inherent in these conversations is that greasing the path for these compliance-oriented tasks will free up time for strategic HR, reducing administrative tedium in favor of higher-level, people-oriented efforts. This journey to HCM maturity is a long series of steps, each at once meaningful and small. It is a path to success we’ve seen unfold time and time again with users of isolved. Put these small steps aside, however. Consider also that it’s so often the small things that define the employee experience, always a priority no matter where an organization is in its HCM […]

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Analyst Insight: Insperity Empowers People Leader at CoreRx to Demonstrate HR’s Strategic Value to the Organization

Six years ago, Kevin Rierson became the very first HR person at CoreRx. In business for 11 years at the time, CoreRx, which now employs approximately 200 people (with some seasonal ebb and flow), is what’s known in the pharmaceutical industry as a contract manufacturing organization (CMO). This means it formulates drug delivery methods, such as tablets and capsules, and moves them through the manufacturing process to be cleared and approved by the FDA. Before Rierson joined CoreRx as the HR director, HR at the company fell under the authority of an “accidental HR person” — in the parlance of human capital management (HCM), someone with another, official role who also happened to be responsible for tactical, operational HR. It’s easy to imagine the result […]

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3Sixty Insights Anatomy of a Decision

Anatomy of a Decision: Frontline Employee Experience Platform Harri Drives Operational and Financial Excellence for Jersey Mike’s Subs

What You Need to Know At what point does a business pause to consider the costs of managing HR processes on paper and in digital spreadsheets? Where does the push come from to trigger an analysis of manual processes vs. automation? In many cases, manual processes work just fine and a ‘don’t fix it if it ain’t broke’ perspective leaves those processes neglected until a problem arises. Because something is working, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s efficient. What if transitioning human capital management (HCM) processes from manual to automated can save a significant amount of time, money, and frustration for your business? HCM automation enables swift execution of scheduling and recruiting processes that currently consume large chunks of time for businesses. Automation alleviates complex […]

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