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Research Note: Engagedly’s E3 Platform Delivers Significant, Positive Impact to Productivity and the Employee Experience

What You Need to Know The modern workplace is becoming increasingly competitive, with employees having more options than ever before when it comes to where and how they choose to work. Employees want to be engaged in their work, have a sense of purpose, and feel like they are part of something bigger. To meet these expectations, organizations must strive to create a positive work culture, provide meaningful work, and offer opportunities for development and growth. By focusing on developing and nurturing an employee-centric work experience, organizations can create a more positive and productive environment resulting in better retention and increased productivity. But to aspire simply to making the workplace more efficient and productive is to miss much subtlety and fail to fathom the potential […]

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#HRTechChat Explores isolved’s Acquisition of AAP

This past summer, isolved acquired AAP, an administrative services organization (ASO) and significant member of isolved’s large network of similar companies using isolved’s software-as-a-service solution for human capital management to carry out part or all of HR for their clients. Demonstrating why AAP is an especially good match for the vendor, this in-network acquisition underscores several of isolved’s strengths. Joining me on the video podcast to explain were Andy Osborne, who was CEO of AAP for 20 years, and Lina Tonk, who has been with isolved for many years herself, becoming the organization’s chief marketing officer shortly after her previous appearance on #HRTechChat. This acquisition of AAP reflects an important element of isolved’s growth strategy. Bringing members of this network fully under the isolved brand […]

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#HRTechChat Asks Enavrio: “Is Technology Vendor Selection Really Just about Technology Vendor Selection?”

When exactly should vendor selection really start? Is it ever just about vendor selection? Many times, employers should step back, rethink assumptions, and consider whether vendor selection even is the right path. Whatever ails their HCM or impedes them from achieving their vision may be traceable to something other than technology or whatever vendor may already be deployed. This episode of the video podcast is a brainchild of sorts. It stems from a conversation at the HR Technology Conference & Expo with Brenda Laughlin and Brian Turk, managing partners at Enavrio. “Is technology vendor selection really just about technology vendor selection?” I asked. And here we are now, the three of us, on #HRTechChat to explore the answer to this seemingly circular question. Enavrio is […]

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Case Study: Quantum Workplace Supports HR Evolution and Cultural Transformation at Valet Living

What You Need to Know It can be very challenging to quantify the results of efforts in human capital management (HCM). This is of course one of the contributing factors to the unfortunate but common view of human resources (HR) departments as cost centers, when in fact they are assets—when allowed to function properly and in pursuit of their potential. Given the necessary resources, a good HR team, or even a single HR manager, can transform an entire business’s employee experience and, therefore, its workforce. Every workplace has a culture. There is no such thing as a lack thereof. Like an individual’s health, an organization’s culture exists by default; it does not need to be introduced through effort. There is, however, such a thing as […]

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Monthly Research Recap | October 2022

Recent Announcements: 3Sixty Insights and Sales Conservatory Announce Strategic Partnership, Enhancing the Expansion of Research to Sales and Sales Enablement BOSTON, October 28, 2022 – 3Sixty Insights and Sales Conservatory jointly announced today the formation of a strategic partnership. Enhancing research and consulting capabilities in sales and sales enablement for 3Sixty Insights, the partnership creates additional consulting offerings around sales and sales enablement to its loyal client base. Recent HRTechChats & Podcast #HRTechChat: Talent Management — It Will Blend Should we even call it talent management anymore? It’s the question posed for this, the second installment in an ongoing series of #HRTechChat episodes featuring 3Sixty Insights’ own analysts in human capital management. The answer is, it depends. Jen Dole, now well past her 90-day mark […]

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#HRTechChat: Talent Management — It Will Blend

It’s been about a month since my colleague Jen Dole and I dropped our very first mutual episode of the #HRTechChat podcast. Today’s is the second installment in this new internal series wherein we will discuss various issues facing professionals whose day-to-day lives intersect with human resources and human capital management and how and why technology fits into the equation. Jen is now well past her 90-day mark here at 3Sixty Insights. When she joined us, we seriously considered whether to label her practice area something other than talent management. It has become a traditional term, after all, and part of us wanted to be forward-thinking and novel. Ultimately, we landed on the side of tradition, but we continue to wonder when exactly it makes […]

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Enterprise Risk’s Race to the Bottom: Sexy SAIDI

Cue this one up for today’s soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSk5U4oHhu0 Today I learned the statistical acronym SAIDI: System Average Interruption Duration Index. It’s the internationally recognized formula for calculating the average outage duration for each customer served by a utility, and it’s calculated by the expression: For those of you still PTSD’d from high school algebra and things containing letters from the Greek alphabet, in other words, it’s the sum of all the customer interruption durations divided by the total number of customers. Why should anyone care, do you ask? Following up on our recent examination of supply chain risk under-mitigation, have you or anyone else in your company investigated the impact to your business if, suddenly, employees’ mobile phones stopped working for any extended length of […]

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