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Neeyamo Evolve Beyond Borders | January 19 – 20th 2023

Join Brent Skinner, Co- Founder of 3Sixty Insights, as he shares his ideas and best practices to prepare your organization for the #Futureofwork at Neeyamo’s Evolve Beyond Borders event January 19 – 20th 2023. Event takes place in Atlanta, London, Amsterdam. Brent will be presenting live in Atlanta. Learn more and register on Neyeamo’s website for Evolve Beyond Borders:

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Pandologic & 3Sixty Insights

3Sixty Insights & PandoLogic Joint Webinar: Leveraging AI in Talent Acquisition to Drive Results | November 9th at 2PM EST

Register for this webinar taking place at 2pm ET on Wednesday, November 9th, 2022 here: In many ways, talent acquisition has evolved into uncharted territory. Most recruitment tech today incorporates some form of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the human side of hiring. There’s AI for improving your applicant tracking system, engaging with candidates, and more. Yet the fundamentals of recruiting remain the same. For example, in spreading the word about your open positions, you still need to be as accurate as possible in reaching and attracting quality candidates. And there’s AI for that, too. Figuring out just what, exactly, is out there in terms of AI for your talent acquisition ecosystem isn’t easy. And figuring out which provider of advanced, AI-enabled technology is […]

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HR Technology Conference & Exposition | September 13 – 16, 2022

Join the 3Sixty Insights team as they attend the upcoming HR Technology Conference & Exposition | September 13 – 16, 2022 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. To register or learn more about the conference you can visit the HR Technology Conference & Exposition website here: Be sure to use code: HT22MA32 to receive an extra $300 off your registration. To schedule a meeting with the 3Sixty Insights team at the event, you can submit a request here:

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What exactly defines responsible AI? And how will increased regulation impact HR tech integration across industries? Hiring a diverse workforce can introduce a varied soft skills base, offer fresh perspectives and boost creativity, ultimately increasing resilience and competitive advantage for enterprises who invest in DEI. AI integrated into HR Tech can support DEI efforts by reducing bias–if it’s responsible. Join us for a special webinar and learn about the new AI Audit Law coming to NYC in January 2023, including: What the law entails and what it means for your organization What HR Leaders need to know now to prepare over the next six months How increased regulation presents an opportunity for strengthened DEI How to speak the language and ask the right questions of […]

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