Blueboard Guest Blog: Curating Company Culture in a Complex Talent Market



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There is a constant flow of research and information on what the HR agenda should be in organizations in 2023. Topics range from AI and the search for talent, to where, how and when people work, to becoming a skills-first organization.

Attracting and retaining top talent has become more challenging in our post-pandemic reality. People want more from work—they want connection, belonging, alignment on values, flexibility, career development, learning, customization, and they want to have great work experiences—not just every now and then, but every day. People want work to be fulfilling and engaging. They want to be passionate about what they are doing and where they are working.

It sounds like a very tall order, doesn’t it? And to top it all off, all of this is happening in a period of ongoing, complicated economic uncertainty and demographic reality.

How do you address all of this, at the same time, in your organization today? What is the role of the HR Leadership team? And what kind of culture should you create to attract and retain top performers?

This is where the Chief Human Resources Officer can step in as a curator of culture and organization practices—partnering with other executive leaders to bring their knowledge and creativity to bear on how to align people, strategy, and experience in a way that moves the employee experience, the practice of people management, and the business forward.

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