payfederate Guest Blog: A New Pay Transparency Playbook


It is common these days for the words ‘trust’ and ‘authenticity’ to be featured in an employer value proposition. After all, they are emblematic of the values underpinning a corporate culture. The reasons for their prevalence are varied, but one could assert this reflects an effort to mitigate workforce sentiments such as a lack of control or lack of feeling valued. These feelings, when present, might well be a function of the Covid era having destabilized or at least disrupted the lives of both employees and businesses. Aside from that challenging set of dynamics, one must also keep in mind that many organizations were already involved in “intentional disruption” when the COVID crisis hit, better known as some form of business transformation.

Whether reacting to the pandemic by aligning company culture and values with a new set of employee needs and expectations, or just seeking to improve organizational agility (a seemingly universal business goal), HR policies and practices have become anything but static. This trend of a very fluid HR / HCM operating landscape seems to only be accelerating. Other catalysts range from a change in workforce-related laws and regulations (such as around pay transparency or equity), or the need to pursue new sources of HCM-related competitive advantage. Whatever the impetus, more organizations are making investments in their HR data and technology infrastructure to stay well-calibrated within an ever-changing operating context.

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