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3Sixty Insights Monthly Research Recap | June 2023

Latest Research:

Research Note: The Cloud Connectors – Asking the Right Questions and Getting From Here to There With a Sound Integration Strategy

3Sixty Insights spoke at length with subject matter experts at The Cloud Connectors. Contrary to what buyers may have been told, solution providers have far from solved the challenges innate to cloud-to-cloud integration. This Research Note explains why vendors of technology for HCM must carry out an integration strategy that lasts the full lifecycle of their software deployments.

Research Note: The Professional Employer Organization: Operational Solution and Strategic Partner for HR Departments in the Midmarket

Historically, professional employer organizations (PEOs) must combat the notion that they’re mostly just for small businesses looking to solve for tactical needs in HR. This research note dispels the notion and presents the case: growing, midmarket employers can benefit not only operationally, but also strategically, from partnering with a a high-caliber PEO. The report draw on extensive interviews with subject matter experts at Insperity, as well as interviews with customers of this well-known PEO.

Research Note: The Crucial Role of Managers in Creating a Positive Team Experience: Leveraging PepTalk to Invest in Development for Business Success

Current HR trends have us all investing in and focusing on individual employee engagement and development. While we’ve all gone down this path and are seeing positive results for the individual employee, the well-being of our teams is an aspect of business that gets neglected. Almost every employee is part of a team driven by a leader we rely on. We expect the team manager, to bring about positive results on every level from productivity to effectiveness to handling conflict. How are you enabling your managers to lead your teams? Are they equipped for success? Do they have the tools they need to meet expectations?

Analyst Insight: Rolebot – Helping Employers Engage with Passive Talent — the Best Talent — at Scale

What is passive talent? They are defined as high-performing already-employed people who are not actively seeking a new job. Tending to perform best for their employers, the research shows, they’re the most desirable new-hires. To reach them at scale today, artificial intelligence and additional technological innovations in talent acquisition are necessary. Against the backdrop of thought leadership from an interview with Rolebot Founder and CEO Shane Bernstein, as well as the results of a survey by 3Sixty Insights, this Analyst Insight recounts interviews with two customers who found much success in reaching passive candidates, and affordably, through the use of Rolebot.

Analyst Insight: City of Memphis Deploys UKG as Point Solution to Track Time and Attendance

To bolster the City of Memphis’ existing, broad deployment of Oracle HCM Cloud, former Chief Human Resources Officer Alex Smith needed sophisticated point-solution capabilities specifically in time and attendance. She turned to UKG. This Analyst Insights delves into her decision-making.

Case Study: Transforming Employee Well-Being and Engagement – A Case Study on PepTalk at Global Payments

Sarah Cottrell is an employee engagement and well-being specialist at Global Payments. She joined the company 18 months ago when the role was newly created in the UK. Over time, Sarah realized that the well-being aspect of her role had become a significant part, reflecting the growing need for well-being support in the workplace, especially after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sarah discovered PepTalk, an employee engagement and well-being platform, and recognized its potential as a comprehensive solution for her organization. In this case study, we will explore Sarah’s experience with PepTalk and how it positively impacted her role and the overall well-being of the employees at Global Payments.

Case Study: isolved Provides Relief for HR and Finance at OSF Digital to Enable Growth

For this case study, 3Sixty Insights spoke with OSF Digital, an international IT services and consulting company headquartered in Quebec, Canada. Corporate Controller Johan Keller shared how he has helped guide the expansion of isolved’s footprint at the company. Originally in place to handle uniquely complicated U.S. payroll processing only, isolved has since digitized many additional aspects of the company’s HR operations in the United States.

Market Alert: UKG Disrupts competitive landscape in Global HCM with Acquisition of Immedis

In early June 2023, UKG, provider of full-suite software for human capital management, announced its intent to acquire Immedis, provider of global payroll technology and services. With the acquisition, UKG viably positions itself to edge out Ceridian and ADP in the global full-suite HCM space, including global payroll, and compete head-to-head on a grander scale with large enterprise players such as Oracle and SAP.

Market Alert: Immedis Introduces Greater Consistency, Accessibility, and Transparency to Global Payroll with Launch of OneView

This Market Alert looks at the launch of new product OneView by Immedis, the provider of global payroll solutions. A software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, OneView enables organizations to consolidate all of their global, multisource payroll into one view no matter the source of the data. The new solution introduces consistency, accessibility, and transparency to any organization’s payroll. According to 3Sixty Insights’ analysis, OneView is a giant leap forward in achieving a highly desirable future of touchless global payroll.

Video: Unleashing Potential with Gloat – Empowering Transformation in the Energy Sector

Join us for an inspiring story of transformation in the energy industry! This energy company recognized the limitations of traditional talent management and formed a cross-functional team to break down barriers and promote diversity. They sought a comprehensive solution and found it in Gloat, a talent marketplace platform that aligns with their vision of inclusivity and growth. With Gloat as their partner, they are poised to unlock their workforce’s full potential and navigate the changing energy landscape with confidence. This success story reminds us to challenge the status quo, empower employees, and drive organizational transformation.

Video: isolved Empowers Hands-On People Leading Business Owner at Right at Home North Shore LI

We hear about so-called “accidental HR people,” the leaders at small businesses who take on the heavy lifting of operational HR because there’s no automation or person in place to do it. But what if SMB leaders could in fact be not-so-accidental HR people because their HR technology really empowered them? In this video, Brent Skinner, co-founder of 3Sixty Insights, where he leads the HCM practice, recounts his conversation with Zubin Kapadia, owner and CEO of Right at Home North Shore LI. Zubin says isolved People Cloud™ not only spared him team the tedium of unautomated operational HR, but also empowered his focus as a hands-on people leader, “the single most important thing I do every day,” Zubin says.

Video: Transforming Employee Well-Being and Engagement – The Inspiring Journey of Sarah Cottrell and PepTalk

This is the inspiring story of Sarah Cottrell, an employee engagement specialist at Global Payments, who transformed the organization’s well-being and engagement with the help of PepTalk. Through purposeful conversations and data-driven insights, Sarah empowered managers, fostered trust, and created a positive work environment, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing employee well-being.

Latest HRTechChat’s and Podcast:

#HRTechChat: Make Work Better with Betterworks’ Doug Dennerline & Jamie Aitken

3Sixty Insights Co-Founder Brent Skinner’s co-guests for this episode have each appeared on the #HRTechChat video podcast previously. This time, it made sense to host them together: Betterworks CEO Doug Dennerline and Vice President of HR Transformation Jamie Aitken have co-authored and published a book, after all. It’s titled “Make Work Better,” and their chat with Brent revolved around why, to make work better, performance management is a great place to start.

#HRTechChat: Megan Coen, Vice President of HR Services at isolved

Megan Coen, vice president of HR services at isolved, was a guest on the #HRTechChat video podcast. isolved calls HR outsourcing by a different name, HR augmentation, and this episode provides a glimpse into why. Megan shared war stories from her previous lives in helping to drive change management in HR and did a great job in laying out how isolved combines “the right blend” of technology and services.

#HRTechChat: Maximizing HR Economics with Maria Scarangella: Unleashing the Power of HR Technology

Ready to unlock the secrets of HR success? Tune in to the HR Tech Chat podcast, where we dive deep into the world of human resources and explore the latest trends and innovations in HR technology. In our latest episode, we had the incredible Maria Scarangella sharing her expertise on HR economics and its impact on organizations. From optimizing staffing to leveraging HR technology, Maria’s insights will transform the way you approach HR strategy. Don’t miss out on this valuable conversation! #HRtechchat #Podcast #HRsuccess

#HRTechChat with Pamela Stroko: Empowering Women in the Workplace

In a recent episode of HR Tech Chat, host Jennifer Dole and guest Pamela Stroko delved into the crucial topic of supporting women in the workplace and ensuring equitable promotions and opportunities. Pamela, an HCM practitioner and HR tech expert, provided valuable insights on the impact of HR technology in enabling women to access greater opportunities. Listen in as we will explore the key points discussed in the podcast episode and shed light on the importance of HR technology in empowering women in their careers.

#HRTechChat: Adam Famularo, CEO of WorkFusion

Joining 3Sixty Insights Co-Founder Brent Skinner for this episode of the #HRTechChat video podcast was guest Adam Famularo, CEO of WorkFusion. In monitoring for financial crime, WorkFusion’s “AI Digital Workers” may well be more accurate and efficient than any human could ever be. But it’s actually good news for real humans in the world of work. In their discussion, Adam and Brent dig into why this is so.

HCM Technology Report Guest Podcast: 3Sixty Insights’ Brent Skinner on the Realities of Single Suite Solutions

Brent Skinner, co-founder, director and principal analyst for HCM at 3Sixty Insights joins HCM Technology Report’s Mark Feffer . Not long ago, Brent kicked off a discussion on LinkedIn to consider the pros and cons of full-suite HCM technology versus single point solutions. Mark asks him to expand on that, and they will look at how employers can navigate the question, what it means for small businesses, and the dangers of trying to be all things to all people. On this edition of PeopleTech.

Latest Articles:

Evolutions Have Heroes, and HR Evolutions Have People Heroes

The buying cycle for enterprise software and technology shouldn’t be a power struggle between departments. 3Sixty Insights is a research firm providing deep understanding of how to bridge the gap in perception and priorities between stakeholders. Through our research, we unearth strategic approaches for streamlining the decision-making process, successfully managing solutions, and maximizing value from business software and technology investments.

Exploring the Intersection of HR Technology and Gender Equality: A Closer Look

Discussions on gender equality and diversity are crucial for organizations today. HR technology plays a significant role in driving gender equality initiatives, but it requires intentional efforts. Accurate data, inclusive options, and comprehensive systems are essential. Calibration processes should involve HR professionals to address biases. Open communication channels are vital, and proactive efforts are needed to foster change. Collaboration among HR professionals, technologists, and leaders is key to creating inclusive and equitable workplaces.

14 Tips for Gaining Financial Security and Independence

64% of people in the United States alone are living paycheck-to-paycheck. That means that 64% of Americans are literally one flat tire away from being unable to pay their rent or their mortgage, and a layoff away from financial ruin. I’m fortunate to have developed financial savvy during my life, and while this is a bit of a departure for 3Sixty Insights, I wanted to share some advice to help others gain a level of security.


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