Analyst Insight: Rolebot – Helping Employers Engage with Passive Talent — the Best Talent — at Scale

Analyst Insight: Rolebot: Helping Employers Engage with Passive Talent — the Best Talent — at ScaleWhat is passive talent? They are defined as high-performing already-employed people who are not actively seeking a new job. Ideally, however, your recruiters will actively seek out passive talent in ways that get them to change their mind and consider making a move. Why? The research shows that passive talent tends to perform better in their jobs. To reach and attract passive talent, your recruiters will need the latest tools available: artificial intelligence and additional innovations in the technology for talent acquisition. Applied correctly, these tools are the deciding factors today enabling organizations to beat their competition in hiring from the passive talent pool.

This Analyst Insight dives into the subject — specifically:

  • A survey by 3Sixty Insights, shared with Rolebot’s and 3Sixty Insights’ respective communities, found that nearly one-third of respondents fail to target or engage with passive talent — despite the clear value these potential new-hires present.
  • The following pages contextualize the survey’s findings and synthesize additional third-party research, available in the public domain, on passive talent and related dynamics — again, for example, that passive talent tends to perform better in their jobs.
  • Additionally, this report shares insights from discussions with Rolebot‘s leadership regarding recruitment at an exceptional time in the labor market.
  • Lastly, testimonials of two Rolebot customers reveal the tool’s great effectiveness in helping them to reach and attract passive talent.

What You Need To Know

For years it has been the ultimate outcome for hiring organizations: finding and attracting the perfect passive candidate. The highly sought spoils of the War for Talent, these are the people who aren’t looking for a new job. Why? Presumably, they’re happy and very good at the job they have. Their current employer probably pays them well and makes efforts to retain them—meaning they would probably be an exceptional hire.
Also called “hidden talent,” these are the hard-to-find candidates everyone wants. They’re the 75 percent of available talent that isn’t responding to your open job requisitions, because this group isn’t looking. With conventional methods and tools (e.g., word of mouth and other traditional means of reconnaissance and outreach), recruiters succeed in engaging only a small sliver of this talent pool. Advanced technology is the missing ingredient, indispensable to the emerging talent acquisition suite of the near future of work.
Applied correctly, an advanced tool such as Rolebot’s is the factor today enabling recruiting teams to beat their competition in reaching as much of the passive talent pool as possible and persuading these candidates to leave the comfort of a current employer for a new one.

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