Market Alert: Immedis Introduces Greater Consistency, Accessibility, and Transparency to Global Payroll with Launch of OneView

Market Alert: Immedis Introduces Greater Consistency, Accessibility, and Transparency to Global Payroll with Launch of OneViewWhat Happened

Immedis, the provider of global payroll solutions, has launched a new product, OneView. A software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, OneView can sit standalone or in symphony with the vendor’s original multi-country payroll. OneView introduces consistency, accessibility, and transparency to any organization’s payroll, no matter how geographically disparate its employees are and no matter how its payroll is managed. Companies do not need to have other Immedis services in place to take advantage of OneView; the software can curate data from any combination of internally managed and outsourced payroll solutions.


In August of 2022, 3Sixty Insights provided its analysis on Immedis’ most recent efforts to streamline and reduce touchpoints in payroll processing (3Sixty Insights 3SIMA2284 – “Immedis Gets Closer to Touchless Global Payroll with New Functionality and a Deepened Mobile Experience” August 2022). Aside from the obvious efficiencies inherent in operations that are independent of manual intervention, touchless payroll is a boon for the ever-present concern known as compliance. Any human interaction with payroll creates the potential for a non-compliance event and creates the potential for payroll mistakes. The latter can be costly, difficult to reverse, and threaten an organization’s employee experience and, ultimately, employer brand.
The antidote to all this risk is indeed touchless payroll, and Immedis is far along in making touchless payroll a reality at a global scale. Globalization introduces substantial additional roadblocks on the route to touchless payroll. Though an international company may succeed in creating a shared understanding of purpose, mission, and vision among thousands of employees across the globe, payroll is a unique animal. Employees may schedule both work and personal lives around the time zone at headquarters, but the management of their pay will always need to comply with the specific legislation of the region in which they live. This requires both specialized expertise and a fit-to-purpose framework, and for the foreseeable future, there is no provider capable of meeting those needs for all distinct payroll regions simultaneously. While most employers with a global HCM solution utilize native payroll wherever possible, from whatever this vendor is, most international companies find it simplest to outsource at least their more anomalous payrolls to in-country providers (ICPs). This enables them to successfully kick the can down the road — until the time comes to report on, or analyze, data created and stored in these myriad systems.

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