Case Study Vignette: Transforming Employee Well-Being and Engagement – A Case Study on PepTalk at Global Payments

Transforming Employee Well-Being and Engagement – A Case Study on PepTalk at Global PaymentsIntroduction

Sarah Cottrell is an employee engagement and well-being specialist at Global Payments. She joined the company 18 months ago when the role was newly created in the UK. Over time, Sarah realized that the well-being aspect of her role had become a significant part, reflecting the growing need for well-being support in the workplace, especially after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
“We needed to redefine how we approach employees… you do not become a different person at work where you shrug off whatever happened at home; we have to embrace and connect with the whole person. We are all human and we have to amplify that to create empathy and build trust,” shared Sarah.
Sarah discovered PepTalk, an employee engagement and well-being platform, and recognized its potential as a comprehensive solution for her organization. In this case study, we will explore Sarah’s experience with PepTalk and how it positively impacted her role and the overall well-being of the employees at Global Payments.

Recognizing the Value of PepTalk

Sarah became aware of PepTalk when the co-founders started working with the Global Payments office in Ireland just a few months before the outbreak of COVID-19. While sitting in on PepTalk meetings, Sarah realized the significant benefits it could offer. As she learned more about the platform’s features and capabilities, Sarah believed that PepTalk could provide a comprehensive solution for employee well-being, surpassing the options her organization had previously explored. Sarah took the initiative to introduce PepTalk to the UK and Northern Ireland offices, challenging the HR team’s original choice of an engagement connection provider. Her insights and enthusiasm for PepTalk led to a reconsideration of their approach.

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