Research Note: The Crucial Role of Managers in Creating a Positive Team Experience: Leveraging PepTalk to Invest in Development for Business Success


The Crucial Role of Managers in Creating a Positive Team Experience: Leveraging PepTalk to Invest in Development for Business SuccessCurrent HR trends have us all investing in and focusing on individual employee engagement and development. While we’ve all gone down this path and are seeing positive results for the individual employee, the well-being of our teams is an aspect of business that gets neglected. Almost every employee is part of a team driven by a leader we rely on. We expect the team manager to bring about positive results on every level from productivity to effectiveness to handling conflict. How are you enabling your managers to lead your teams? Are they equipped for success? Do they have the tools they need to meet expectations?
In today’s post-pandemic work environment, where employees seek a different experience at work, the role of the manager in generating a positive team experience is crucial. Building trust among team members is essential for high performance, and managers need to foster an environment that empowers employees to be their best selves. Leveraging platforms that track employee engagement and sentiment help organizations proactively address areas of concern and provide resources for managers to improve their leadership skills. Organizations can improve team experience, reduce attrition rates, and drive business success by prioritizing the role of the manager and investing in tools that facilitate team interactions.
Have you given thought to what a high-performance team looks like at your company? Across an organization, no two teams are alike. Each has its way of operating and achieving and some teams are good at producing results while others fumble. Teams engage, perform, and grow together, but what defines an effective team experience? A major key to the team experience is developing an environment of psychological safety, trust, and mutual respect. The burden of creating a unified whole across a team lies with the manager. Great teams have great leaders. Thus, leadership is something organizations can see huge returns from when they support and nourish managers.
We’ve recently become acquainted with PepTalk, an Irish company that creates an environment for teams to thrive through shared experiences, understanding, and trust. PepTalk’s platform enables teams with tools and intentional activities that facilitate greater collaboration and better communication. PepTalk customers are transforming organizational culture, building trust, and reducing anxiety — all of which lead to improving overall employee engagement that results in improved retention.

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