3Sixty Insights Monthly Recap | July 2023

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HR Technology Conference & Exposition – Women in HR Tech | October 10, 2023

Join 3Sxity Insights’ Jennifer Dole, along with Kelly Cartwright Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition of Splunk and Clarissa Peterson President and CEO of Ohana HR, LLC as they discuss HR Technology in pact to helping drive gender equality.

Recent Research

 Case Study Vignette: Insperity Partners with CEO of Quickly Expanding Midmarket Client PRS to Help Him Achieve Strategic Plan for the Workforce

PRS, a small organization growing rapidly in its headcount to become a midmarket employer, turned to Insperity to replace an existing, run-of-the-mill professional employer organization. Why? PRS’s CEO recognized Insperity as PEO that would be able to help hir organization manage this growth from the standpoint of operational HR and help executive leadership realize its greater vision for their people.

Case Study: Go1’s Customer-First Approach Supports Learning Transformation Internally and Externally

Go1’s dedication to customer success certainly bodes well for ABC’s future with the vendor. The partnership has already brought substantial value, not only by boosting employee engagement but also by reducing the administrative burden on the HR team. Eliminating the onus of manning a “help desk” elevated HR to a position as a strategic contributor to the organization, one that has the ability and capacity to now explore ways to get even more value out of the investment.

Analyst Insight: Revolutionizing Manufacturing Performance – How Cornerstone Drives Productivity, Quality, and Efficiency in the Competitive Market

Manufacturing companies excel at discovering and investing in performance efficiencies and process automation that increases production and guarantees quality. Companies that also apply these same philosophies to HR systems and processes through advanced technologies and data analytics significantly improve employee productivity, quality of work, and execution efficiencies while realizing increased profitability and improved competitiveness. Yet many manufacturing companies find themselves with fragmented HR performance systems managing compensation in Excel, annual reviews in one system, ATS in another, sales commissions in another, and attendance in another to name a few. Investing in one complete system that modernizes performance toolsets helps companies overcome challenges in aligning talent with business strategy, improving data insight and accountability, and driving positive culture and behavior. One such platform, Cornerstone, enables companies to improve operational agility for employee experience and performance. Continue reading and explore how deploying Cornerstone helped a packaging manufacturer realize successful strategic performance improvements.

Analyst Insight: Collaborative Success – Adopting Cornerstone Through Strong Solution Provider and Customer Partnership

Once you decide to invest in a technology solution, the next big hurdle is how to do it. How does a company take historical data, integrate multiple processes that are managed by multiple people, and break through the ‘this is how we always do it’ mindset? When selecting a solution provider to implement, companies find the best success when working with a highly collaborative partner. The company and the solution provider need to take the time upfront to understand the expertise each brings to the process. Each party needs to be open to learning, listening, and discovering the best path forward together.

Market Alert: Cornerstone Content Studio & Opportunity Marketplace: Enhancing Talent Experience with Holistic Learning and Development Solutions

In April of this year, Cornerstone announced two new offerings that appear poised to enhance the vendor’s dominance. Cornerstone, known for more than 20 years as a provider of corporate learning solutions, became an end-to-end learning suite when it acquired EdCast and that company’s learning experience platform (LXP) in early 2022. 3Sixty Insights reported at the time that the move made Cornerstone the first mature, single-vendor solution of its kind, uniquely positioned to meet the needs of the future of work. Now the company has upped the ante with the introduction of its Content Studio and Opportunity Marketplace products, expanding its  consequence in talent experience and moving ever closer to its goal of presenting the ultimate holistic people experience.

Analyst Insight: Visionary Leader at Professional Services Firm Genpact Leverages Cornerstone + EdCast for Ambitious Data Awareness Initiative

Amarash Tripathy is strategic advisor for data and analytics at Genpact, a GE-spinoff professional services firm. Speaking at length with 3Sixty Insights, Amaresh shared details around “Databridge,” the ambitious internal data awareness program he spearheaded and has successfully led at Genpact. In pursuing a goal of upskilling Genpact’s approximately 120,000 employees, Amaresh and his team have very effectively leveraged Cornerstone + EdCast. This Analyst Insight shares the pertinent details.

Recent Articles

Professional Employer Organizations: Getting From Operational to Strategic

When it comes to HR, most small businesses reach a point of reckoning and finally realize they can’t wing it with HR anymore. Most professional employer organizations are designed to solve for this need. It is at this moment, however, that small business growing to become midmarket employers need to understand that it is possible to demand more from their PEO. This blog previews a research note that 3Sixty Insights developed, in collaboration with Insperity (itself a PEO), to help employers entering the midmarket choose a PEO wisely.

Managers as Coaches: BetterUp is Unleashing The Power of Developmental Leadership

In this blog, we will delve into the insights gained during BetterUp’s Coaching Culture Tour in Boston and explore the idea of managers as coaches.  It was a privilege to be part of this learning and networking event.  Shonna Waters, PhD. of BetterUp delivered the keynote on the cutting-edge findings from BetterUp’s latest Coaching Culture research report — a study of 30k+ employees and 850+ leading organizations.  Pamela Fuller, also of BetterUp, facilitated a customer panel conversation with Lisa Itzkowitz, associate director of leadership development at Colgate-Palmolive, and Larry McAlister, talent and transformation expert, formerly vice president of talent at NetApp.

Gloat Blog – Unpacking today’s winning talent transformations with Jennifer Dole

To prevent such unknowns from hindering talent transformation journeys, 3Sixty Insights Principal Analyst Jennifer Dole set out to shed light on the decision process that goes into implementing this innovative technology. Following the publication of her talent marketplace report, we sat down with her to learn more about her research process, advice for HR leaders looking to implement a talent marketplace, and best practices for gaining buy-in and budget.


Recent HRTechChats:

#HRTechChat Showcase: Original Zen and the Art of Integration Strategy

For this episode of the video podcast, 3Sixty Insights Co-Founder Brent Skinner’s guests were all-around experts in the granularities of cloud integration: Chief Technology Officer Jeff Tremblay and President Pierre Rousseau of The Cloud Connectors, an integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) where they and their fellow co-founders invented and use Clouddata™, a native-to-cloud-integrations computer language.

 #HRTechChat: Michelle Randall, Chief Marketing Officer at Playvox

This episode of the #HRTechChat video podcast welcomes Playvox Chief Marketing Officer Michelle Randall. When it comes to workforce management, especially scheduling, call centers present complex challenges, which Playvox addresses with its call center-focused cloud software for human capital management. The resulting positive employee experience prompts a similarly positive customer experiences. Michelle dives into the particulars.

#HRTechChat: Marta Weinstock, Senior Director of Operations at Rutherford Investment Company

3Sixty Insights Co-Founder Brent Skinner’s guest for this episode of the #HRTechChat video podcast was Marta Weinstock. Part of Marta’s charter is to get human capital management as efficient as possible at California-based Rutherford Investment Company, where she is senior director of operations. Under the aegis of her leadership and the help of isolved, the employer’s journey along the road to HCM maturity has been sweeping and inspiring.

#HRTechChat: James Galvin, CEO and Co-Founder of Starcircle

3Sixty Insights Co-Founder Brent Skinner’s guest for this episode of the #HRTechChat video podcast is James Galvin, CEO and co-founder of Starcircle. Cork, Ireland–headquartered, Starcircle is a vendor of cloud software and services designed to result in truly effective talent acquisition campaigns by looking at these as holistic efforts and considering sourcing first, and not last — an idea embodied in a term Starcircle uses: long-tail talent.

#HRTechChat with Pamela Stroko: Challenges and the Role of HR Leaders in Curating Culture

In this episode, we delve into the challenges that HR leaders face. The job market and talent shortage are hot topics in the news, with economic factors and uncertainties impacting companies’ hiring strategies. As Pamela points out, the predicted recession seems to be pushed further into the future, and HR leaders must navigate these changing landscapes. One significant shift in the market is the emphasis on skill building. Upskilling, reskilling, and alternative routes to acquiring skills are gaining prominence in talent acquisition.

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