Case Study: Go1’s Customer-First Approach Supports Learning Transformation Internally and Externally

Go1's Customer-First Approach Supports Learning Transformation Internally and ExternallyThe Backstory

3Sixty Insights spoke with Karla Rainer, the director of human resources (HR) at ABC Companies, to compile this report. ABC is a business that sells, leases, and services motor coach buses and also distributes parts. The company serves enterprise customers of all sizes, including small businesses, transportation companies, and those like Disney and Google which maintain their own fleets. The organization places a strong emphasis on safety, with 80-90 percent of employees working in what Rainer calls “safety-sensitive roles.”
Rainer works from ABC’s corporate HR location in Florida, and she and her team support HR functions in all eight locations across the United States. She manages a payroll specialist and two senior HR generalists, and she reports to the company’s chief financial officer (CFO).
Since joining the company in July of 2018, Rainer has striven to improve the employee culture. ABC started as a small family-owned company and grew quickly, and it was not immune to the challenges that often plague organizations in early growth phases. “Now, we’re really trying to focus on culture and employee engagement,” says Rainer.

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