Gloat Blog – Unpacking today’s winning talent transformations with Jennifer Dole

A Q&A on what goes into implementing a talent marketplace with 3Sixty Insights’ Principal Analyst Jennifer Dole.

Across every industry and region, businesses are coming to the same conclusion: talent marketplaces are the foundation for successful operating models. Now that 85% of executives believe work must be organized in more agile ways, leaders are looking to these next-generation technological innovations to help their companies become more adaptive.

While research highlights talent marketplaces’ diverse benefits—including improvements in job satisfaction, engagement, and retention—uncertainty about the operational process involved with implementing a talent marketplace often holds companies back from reaping these advantages.

To prevent such unknowns from hindering talent transformation journeys, 3Sixty Insights Principal Analyst Jennifer Dole set out to shed light on the decision process that goes into implementing this innovative technology. Following the publication of her talent marketplace report, we sat down with her to learn more about her research process, advice for HR leaders looking to implement a talent marketplace, and best practices for gaining buy-in and budget.

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