HR Technology Conference & Exposition – Women in HR Tech | October 10, 2023

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Join 3Sxity Insights’ Jennifer Dole, along with Kelly Cartwright Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition of Splunk and Clarissa Peterson President and CEO of Ohana HR, LLC as they discuss HR Technology in pact to helping drive gender equality.

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In recent years, the overall state of women’s employment has seen improvements. Yet, despite organizations’ increased focus on gender equality, the earnings gap is real and women are still paid less than men. Occupational segregation – in select fields such as retail, healthcare and education – contributes to gender wage gaps, especially for women without a college degree. Women also still shoulder a disproportionate amount of caregiving responsibilities, many without protections such as paid leave that preserve their career paths. In this closing keynote, a panel of experts will discuss why HR technology should be the starting point for any gender equality initiative—from comprehensive people analytics to diversity recruiting, pay equity, coaching and mentoring, and fair leadership development and career pathing opportunities.

To register or learn more about the conference you can visit the HR Technology Conference & Exposition website here: WIT KEY 2 | Can HR Technology Help Drive Gender Equality?

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