Monthly Research Recap | October 2022

Recent Announcements:

3Sixty Insights and Sales Conservatory Announce Strategic Partnership, Enhancing the Expansion of Research to Sales and Sales Enablement

BOSTON, October 28, 2022 – 3Sixty Insights and Sales Conservatory jointly announced today the formation of a strategic partnership. Enhancing research and consulting capabilities in sales and sales enablement for 3Sixty Insights, the partnership creates additional consulting offerings around sales and sales enablement to its loyal client base.

Recent HRTechChats & Podcast

#HRTechChat: Talent Management — It Will Blend

Should we even call it talent management anymore? It’s the question posed for this, the second installment in an ongoing series of #HRTechChat episodes featuring 3Sixty Insights’ own analysts in human capital management. The answer is, it depends. Jen Dole, now well past her 90-day mark at the firm, joined 3Sixty Insights Co-Founder Brent Skinner for a conversation delving deeply into why. One reason is that lean HR teams at small businesses need the structure of a well-defined term as they do all they can just to get talent management under control. Progressive, well developed HR teams at evolved organizations, meanwhile, may well have already moved past this now-quarter-century-old concept.

Workvivo’s The Employee Experience Guest Podcast | HR Tech Conference, Las Vegas

Listen in as 3Sixty Insights’ Jennifer Dole and Brent Skinner discuss the #employeeexperience and the software decision-making cycle on workvivo’s The Employee Experience Podcast. The episode was recorded during the HR Technology Conference (#HRTechConf) in Las Vegas, where several great guests joined host Gideon Pridor, workvivo’s #CMO, to talk all things #HCM.

Recent Articles:

Will We Be Attending Work Events in Person or Virtually Going Forward?

As technology changes, so does the way we do things. And with all of the recent advances in virtual reality and video conferencing, it’s no surprise that some companies are starting to question whether or not they should continue hosting traditional work events. So today, we’re going to take a look at both sides of the argument and see what might be best for your business.

Who Owns Internal Mobility?

Do you control your own career growth? Or is someone else in charge of your advancement within the company? In most organizations, internal mobility – the ability to move up through the ranks – is determined by a combination of factors, including skills, experience, and ambition. But who really has the final say when it comes to deciding who gets promoted? Is it HR…or someone else?

Enterprise Risk’s Race to the Bottom: Sexy SAIDI

A crisis looms in Europe this winter over anticipated major lulls in mobile phone coverage. 3Sixty Insights’ fintech lead Craig Himmelberger takes a gander at it all, along the way tackling SAIDI, the acronym for the statistical formula used to calculate the average outage duration for each customer served by a utility (and not to be confused with the acronym’s homonym known for being a song by The Beatles). Bemoaning businesses’ often-lacking approach to managing risk, why do “companies’ risk assessment and mitigation strategies always tend to swerve toward easiest-to-measure things?” Craig writes in his late blog entry.

Measuring the Impact of Just-In-Time

Ford recently had to park scads of brand-new pickup trucks at a racetrack in Kentucky. Someone messed up with the number of logos need for affixing on specific trim levels. Our fintech lead Craig Himmelberger sees something deeper here and, weaving in ideas around just-in-time inventorying, supply chain management, procurement and even human capital management, explains in his latest blog.

When Is a Software Company Not a Software Company?

At first blush, cybersecurity firm Atos’ business focus sounds great, “but peel back a layer or two,” writes Craig Himmelberger, lead for our #fintech practice. In news reported by Reuters, shareholders recently asked the company’s chairman to resign. Craig shares his winding and twisting take, explaining why the vendor’s woes may relate to the maxim that “you can’t sell both software and services”; ultimately, your focus must be one or the other.

Council Guest Post: It’s Time We Make Payroll Elegant Every Day of the Year!

I’ve just returned from the 2022 Global Payroll Awards held on September 22nd in Dublin, Ireland, and what a memorable night it was for global payroll!

Council Guest Post: Worker Shortage Bleeding Over to Health Care

Adriana DiNenno, senior product manager at Health eCareers and member of 3Sixty Insights’ Global Executive Advisory Council, loves her work in helping organizations recruit tough-to-fill roles in healthcare, where the tight labor market is particularly pronounced. In this blog entry, she dives into her passion for solving the challenge.

Lever Blog Article: 5 Talent Acquisition Trends That Will Define 2023

As each year comes to a close, talent acquisition and recruitment teams worldwide

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