Workvivo’s The Employee Experience Guest Podcast | HR Tech Conference, Las Vegas

Listen in as 3Sixty Insights’ Jennifer Dole and Brent Skinner discuss the Employee Experience and the software decision-making cycle on workvivo‘s The Employee Experience Podcast. The episode was recorded during the HR Technology Conference (#HRTechConf) in Las Vegas, where several great guests joined host Gideon Pridor, workvivo’s CMO, to talk all things HCM.

You can listen to the full podcast here:

About the Episode: 

This is a special HR Tech episode on The Employee Experience Podcast.

Workvivo spoke to the Top Voices at the world’s largest HR Tech conference, getting a pulse on the state of HR tech and the Employee Experience today.

On this retrospective episode, hear from HR leaders, analysts, thought leaders, and practitioners shedding light on the most significant struggles and innovations they see in the market today:

Gustavo Serbía, Vice President HR at Haircuttery

Lance Haun, VP of Market Insights at the Starr Conspiracy

Laura Faith, Sr. Director, People Experience and Operations at Uber

Noel McMullan, CHRO at Premier Roofing Company

Rebecca Wettemann, CEO at Valoir

Anna Carlson, Global People and Organization Development at Tapestry

Dan George, CPO at Jump Crew

Brent Skinner, co-founder at 3Sixty Insights & Jennifer Dole, Director at 3Sixty Insights

Serge Boudreau, Podcast Host at The Recruitment Flex

Chad Sowash & Joel Cheeseman, Podcast Hosts at the Chad and Cheese Podcast

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