Monthly Research Recap | August 2022

Recent Research

Research Note: Clif Bar Steadily Improves Organizational Agility via Innovation in Payroll, Employee Mobility, and More With the Help of UKG

With the help of the UKG suite and a determined leader in HR taking on a role combining payroll and mobility, Clif Bar was able to transform global mobility as the pandemic took hold—for example, finding novel ways to give manufacturing and other staff not normally associated with mobility options in where they could work, and more. Notably, payroll functionality from UKG, specifically, has been fundamental in all this.

Market Alert: Immedis Gets Closer to Touchless Global Payroll With New Functionality and a Deepened Mobile Experience

In this Market Alert, 3Sixty Insights analyzes how new functionality is edging global payroll provider Immedis ever closer to achieving touchless payroll for its customers. The development improves executives’ ability to gain access to and analyze the related employee data, which aids significantly in decision-making. Additionally, the vendor is also making savvy investments in the mobile experience.

Research Note: Betterworks Helps University of Phoenix Replace Annual Performance Reviews With Everyday Performance Development

This Research Note compares and contrasts traditional and modern performance management, describes how Betterworks makes continuous performance enablement possible, and showcases a use case of Betterworks at University of Phoenix. Outdated, traditional performance management is mostly compliance-minded and antithetical to promoting employee engagement, whereas modern performance management is characterized by continual conversations between employees and managers occurring seamlessly in the flow of work.

Anatomy of a Decision: University of Phoenix Makes Its Vision to Deploy Everyday Performance Development a Reality With Betterworks

This report presents an in-depth look at the decision-making process University of Phoenix underwent in recognizing the need to modernize and transform its approach to performance management. The employer ultimately chose Betterworks as the technological vehicle to carry out a highly progressive vision for modern performance management. University of Phoenix calls this new approach Everyday Performance Development, which greatly deemphasizes annual performance reviews in favor of promoting, facilitating and accommodating continual conversations between managers and staff.

Research Note: DiSC Profiles Do Not Affect Sales Performance

Our partners at the Sales Conservatory have published their original research showing that the popular DiSC personality test is not a reliable predictor of a potential salesperson’s performance. Their findings are based on two robust experiments of theirs involving large sample sizes at a Fortune 100 firm. It turns out, there’s no statistically significant correlation between people’s ability to do well in sales and their DiSC test scores. Sales Conservatory argues, convincingly, that DiSC results should therefore not be a major criterion driving hiring decisions in sales.

Recent Articles:

phenom blog: A Must-Have Action Plan to Boost Your High-Volume Hiring Strategy

“Intelligent automation for tedious hiring tasks can improve efficiency in high-volume hiring by up to 95 percent by integrating the handoffs within and between discrete workflows, such as candidate discovery and profile data collection, campaign creation and effectiveness reporting, and AI-based matching of skills to job requirements, scheduling, and hiring manager feedback.” — 3Sixty Insights

Betterworks Blog: Building culture and an employee-first experience at University of Phoenix

What do you do when you need to overhaul your organizational culture and improve the employee experience? For Jeff Andes, vice president of talent management at the University of Phoenix, part of the answer was to rethink and redesign the way the institution handled employee performance reviews. Through a partnership with Betterworks, Andes and his team have flipped the once dreaded annual performance review process, turning it into an engaging and efficient program he calls “Everyday Performance Management.”

Playground Rules for the World of Work

On the playground, children figure out what they can do with what they have before they pick the game—and by consensus. At our blog, 3Sixty Insights’ lead fintech analyst Craig Himmelberger wonders why employers don’t plan in the same way. So many insist on picking the game (i.e., setting their strategic goals) before they even know what and who they have on hand to achieve it. The result is a greater-than-fifty-percent project failure rate. Savvy readers will see the underlying argument: HCM needs to be front-and-center in business decision-making, and AI-supported skills ontologies can help to get us back to the playground.

HCM Technology Report – Employ Acquires Lever, Adds Capabilities to Suite

“It makes abundant sense that Lever would join the fray with JazzHR, Jobvite and NXTThing RPO,” said Brent Skinner, co-founder of 3Sixty Insights, where he leads the firm’s HCM practice. “We believe that the pieces of the puzzle to a progressive talent acquisition suite are indeed right in front of us. With its modern software for candidate relationship management, Lever brings to Employ a progressive solution capable of integrating easily with widely used application tracking systems.”

For Insight Into Why a Company Might Be Failing, Look Beyond the Numbers

The search for a single office chair may not seem at first glance like fertile ground for an evaluation of a massive global business, it does reveal the missteps and missed opportunities that can and will sink companies of any size.

Recent Podcast:

3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat with Lina Tonk, Senior Vice President of Marketing at isolved

Who should own the employee experience? “There is room for everyone, but the final responsibility should reside with HR,” says Lina Tonk, SVP of marketing for isolved and the guest for this episode of the #HRTechChat video podcast, where Lina delves specifically (and deeply) into whether, why or how marketing and HR could join forces to bolster and improve the employee experience. Findings from a survey by isolved show lots of buzz among HR leaders vis-à-vis collaborating with marketing in support of the employee experience, and Lina describes in detail how she and her chief people officer collaborate daily.

3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat with Jeff Andes, Vice President of Talent Management at University of Phoenix

“At the end of the day, we are all humans working with humans,” says Jeff Andes, vice president of talent management at University of Phoenix and the guest for this episode of the #HRTechChat video podcast. Andes dives deeply into how and why the organization selected Betterworks to make a reimagination of the educational institution’s process for performance management a reality. He also shares much detail around how University of Phoenix seized on a golden opportunity to transform its internal culture.

The Bo & Luke Show Guest Podcast: How To Get 3X More Sales in 2022 with Tom Tonkin

In his 25 years of business and technology experience, Tom has served as an executive in both Professional Services and Software Sales. He currently holds the position Senior Principal at Change Management & Transformation where he provides thought leadership for companies on how to improve their sales processes while also serving as CEO/Co-Founder at The Sales Conservatory (TSC), which helps leaders increase revenue through sales enablement efforts like efficient or effective strategies; all this is done with a focus towards helping clients become more mindful about changing landscape changes that will soon come upon them due not only economic turmoil but population aging too!

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