Research Note: Clif Bar Steadily Improves Organizational Agility via Innovation in Payroll, Employee Mobility, and More With the Help of UKG

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As reported by Forbes magazine and strongly suggested by 3Sixty Insights’ investigation, the pandemic has shifted the focus from where employees work to how they work while eliminating borders between companies, people and countries (3Sixty Insights BWSRN2211 – “Choose Your Own Adventure: Returning to the Workplace, Protecting the Employee Experience,” January 2022). Employee mobility has become a competitive advantage and necessity for any employer currently operating internationally or hoping to do so. Ideally, the organization aspiring to install an operational framework to support a borderless workforce will marshal, potentially, a broad spectrum of software for human capital management (HCM). As mundane as they may be, however, tools to comply with a widely varying regulatory landscape, along with an efficient payroll system, would be the needs for such an organization to focus on first.

Such has been the experience of Clif Bar & Company in its efforts to drive employee mobility by drawing on UKG functionality. Based on an in-depth interview with the employer’s Senior Manager of Payroll and Mobility Erin “Iggy” Svoboda, CPP, this report touches on Clif Bar’s success in using UKG’s payroll software, including notable intersections between this success and the company’s steadily improving ability to support a mobile, borderless workforce. Clif Bar is successfully applying novel, innovative practices to counterbalance impacts of the pandemic on the company’s employment model. Clif Bar’s eventual plans for global expansion are sure to benefit from the solid groundwork Svoboda is laying and its recent acquisition by the American multinational confectionery, food and beverage conglomerate Mondelez International.

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