Anatomy of a Decision: University of Phoenix Makes Its Vision to Deploy Everyday Performance Development a Reality With Betterworks

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To explore Betterworks’ effectiveness as a key factor among many drivers for cultural transformation in the workplace, 3Sixty Insights spoke with Jeff Andes, vice president of talent management at University of Phoenix. Specifically, this Anatomy of a Decision™ from 3Sixty Insights investigates how University of Phoenix leveraged Betterworks replace SAP SuccessFactors’ performance management module. This move played an important role in supporting a broad and deep initiative to transform University of Phoenix’s culture, ultimately delivering a significantly improved experience with continuous performance enablement.

Having gone private a few years prior, University of Phoenix was going through a related, positive cultural transformation. This was a top-down priority at the time from the then-incoming president. Since then, the priority has flourished into several initiatives and remains ongoing. Seizing on the president’s priorities and their clear potential impact on the performance review process at the organization, Andes moved quickly to break old paradigms at University of Phoenix and engage his team to modernize performance management there—specifically, reimagining it to align with his philosophy of “everyday performance development”—a visionary understanding of what needed to happen for the measuring and tracking of people’s performance at University of Phoenix to help facilitate cultural transformation. Indeed, the University’s organization-wide performance management process now goes by the name of Everyday Performance Development.

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