Betterworks Blog: Building Culture and an Employee-First Experience at University of Phoenix

What do you do when you need to overhaul your organizational culture and improve the employee experience? For Jeff Andes, vice president of talent management at the University of Phoenix, part of the answer was to rethink and redesign the way the institution handled employee performance reviews. Through a partnership with Betterworks, Andes and his team have flipped the once dreaded annual performance review process, turning it into an engaging and efficient program he calls “Everyday Performance Management.”

Independent research firm 3Sixty Insights recently spent time with Andes to understand the goals, challenges, and processes the University undertook to help move the needle on culture and deliver a contemporary performance management process that improves the employee experience and gives employees skin in the game when it comes to their professional development.

The road to a better employee experience

When University of Phoenix traded hands and came under the ownership of a private equity firm in 2017, the institution began a series of cultural transitions that would transform it from a “stuffy, rigorous culture,” according to Andes, to one that was transparent and employee-first. Continue reading here: Building culture and an employee-first experience at University of Phoenix

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