3Sixty Insights Monthly Recap | June 2022

Latest Research:

Research Note: Global Mobility – Strategize for the Employee Experience and Related Organizational Success

In the wake of two-and-a-half years of a global pandemic, global mobility has become a strategic imperative for any employer wishing to compete in the international war for talent. This research note lays out the challenges, including a rash of concerns related to compliance, that organizations face in accommodating a borderless workforce. And it explains how Immedis is a vendor and partner with deep expertise and the related technology for human capital management to support global mobility.

Anatomy of a Decision: GBS Worldwide Elects to Expand Use of PandoLogic Following Early Success

After first trying Appcast and, then, Joveo, digital advertising firm GBS Worldwide deployed PandoLogic’s AI-enabled job advertising solution pandoIQ for a three-month campaign with a food manufacturing client. This Anatomy of a Decision chronicles GBS’s success with PandoLogic and intent to use pandoIQ with additional clients moving forward.

Market Alert: Neeyamo Announces Evolution Into Becoming a Global Employer of Record

“Neeyamo’s decision to dive into the global employer-of-record space […] is a shot across the bow of established players,” says 3Sixty Insights Co-Founder Brent Skinner in this Market Alert, an analysis of Neeyamo’s recent, related announcement. The vendor has officially expanded into global EOR in 150 markets, a logical and very significant evolution for the company that pioneered long-tail global payroll and HR.

Upcoming Events:

isolved Connect | September 6 – 8, 2021

Join 3Sixty Insights Co-Founder and Director & Principal Analyst Brent Skinner as he speaks at the upcoming isolved Connect user conference in Nashville, Tennessee September 6 – 8, 2022

Latest HRTechChats and Podcast:

#HRTechChat with Rachel Jordan, Vice President of HCM Product Management at Unit4

The ethos behind human capital management has changed drastically in the past 5 years, and the technology powering HCM has evolved similarly. Things have improved to the point that we now have the ability to combine HCM data with data form other key domains of the enterprise and, thus, help organizations become more agile and stable. Leading the charge are solution providers whose suites enable them to align and combine data from HCM, ERP and FP&A in real time. Brent Skinner’s guest on this episode of #HRTechChat is Rachel Jordan, vice president of HCM product management at one such vendor, Unit4Global. Rachel discusses the possibilities and how organizational stakeholders can persuade leadership to embrace these ideas.

Rebel HR Guest Podcast: Leadership Training that Works with Tom Tonkin

Tom is an executive in Professional Services and the Software Sales area with over 25 years of business and technology experience. He is currently serving as Senior Principal, Change Management and Transformation, Thought Leadership and Advisory Services.  Tom was the CEO and Co-Founder of the Sales Conservatory, which helped sales leaders increase revenue through sales enablement, efficient, and effective sales processes.

Driving B2B Sales Revenue Guest Podcast: Sales Enablement Like You’ve Never Known It (But Should)

There are not enough really smart, bold, experienced, and downright radical people in sales enablement. Luckily, there is one who made a guest appearance on this very podcast, this very episode. Dr. Tom Tonkin PhD isn’t a sales enablement practitioner like you’ve ever known. Razor sharp, a mind built for critical thinking, and the presumption that salespeople need to experience things in their inner world to be able to internalize any kind of meaningful learnings as a result of sales training. As for his methods – sorry kids, you’ll have to check out the episode to get a taste of that, but I assure you – you’ll be glad you did. So brace yourself for sales enablement like you’ve never known it before, but probably should – thanks to our guest in this episode, Dr. Tom Tonkin, PhD.

Latest Articles:

Is the Great Resignation to Blame for Corporate Shortcomings, We Think Not | Lessons Learned by JetBlue Failures

How many times have we heard that the Great Resignation is to blame for corporate shortcomings these days? Companies of all sizes, from small businesses to major multinational organizations, are struggling to keep up with demand. When they fall short, what’s behind that failure? Well, if simply repeating something makes it true, then the cause is a lack of employees .Certainly, staffing shortages can and will cause business to slow, but that shouldn’t lead to the large-scale disfunction we’re seeing in businesses today. The Great Resignation has simply become the scapegoat du jour—after all, it’s human nature to seek external sources on which to pin our failings.

Jurassic Park Revisited: When Will We Hit the Wall with Artificial Intelligence?

With artificial intelligence, we should ask ourselves whether we should, not just whether we can. Entrepreneur-in-Residence Dr. Tom Tonkin elaborates as he builds on ideas he shared last month at the 3Sixty Insights blog. “Eventually the wall will come down, and AI will find its rightful place in our society. However, in my estimation, there will be a very big price to pay to get there” he says in his latest post, “Jurassic Park Revisited.”

Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated… No, Thank You!

Treat others the way you want to be treated—the Golden Rule. Sounds good, wholesome, and righteous; yet I have concluded that this is not the best advice. That’s right, I said it.

Look, I’m not trying to be contrarian or provocative here. I have spent years trying to understand how to build better relationships. This is key to having a better, more fulfilling life at home and work. I even went down the authenticity route. I was learning how to be authentic and speak my mind, “being real,” as the kids might say. Nope, that will not help you as it did not help me. Authenticity in building relationships is, shall I say, not very useful.

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