The Road to Global Payroll

The road to global payroll is paved with reactions. Let’s add that it’s paved also with good intentions. We all know where those lead, and an unaddressed global payroll process won’t exactly take you there, but the ride can be rough. This is why, for most organizations, the journey to well-sorted global payroll is long and windy — and bumpy. It is the exceedingly rare employer that sets the table to process global payroll in an efficient way the very first time the need to process global payroll arises. This is what I’ve learned, anyway, from lengthy discussions with executives in this industry. No, almost to the very last one, organizations that become global pretty much never outsource it promptly; instead, they do their best, with best intentions, to process unnecessarily complicated payroll with old-fashioned elbow grease — pay period after pay period. As they grow into an increasing number of locales, regions and countries, they put forth their best efforts to continue crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s. And they manage through all the inefficiency to wrestle payroll to its conclusion, compliant with every law affecting it across the globe. That is, until they don’t. The […]

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Anne Fuel 50 Thumbnail

3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat with Anne Fulton, CEO and Founder of Fuel50

Our guest for this episode of the 3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat video podcast is Anne Fulton, CEO and founder of Fuel50 and member of our Global Executive Advisory Council. On the chat, Anne shared her thoughts, informed by much experience in this market space, on workforce agility and talent mobility. And, for the latter, she shared sneak-preview findings from Fuel50’s yet-to-be-released, related report. The result of a survey answered by more than 200 HR practitioners and their employees, Fuel50’s report finds intriguing, highly statistically significant, correlations between positive organizational performance and progressive HR performance. Specifically, organizations that perform better in terms of NPS scores, revenue per employee, and innovation are home to HR departments that have evolved beyond a focus solely on concrete activities, such as eliminating inefficiencies, to act on the more abstract, strategic possibilities of human capital management (HCM). What’s more, the number one strategic priority of these best-performing HR departments is to invest in the future of work. For those of us sounding the alarm that we prepare for the future of work right now, lest we miss the opportunity to realize the very best possible future of work, this particular finding is valuable grist for the mill. […]

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Nate Smith - Lever

3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat with Nate Smith, Founder and CEO of Lever

Nate Smith, founder and CEO of San Francisco–based Lever, joined us for this episode of the 3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat. Lever’s technology for talent acquisition, as well as the vendor’s philosophy behind finding new hires, helps employers facing complex challenges in reaching their strategic goals identify and woo future employees whose skills are essential to the related tasks at hand. As you can imagine, this made for an interesting podcast. Nate and I first spoke last summer and openly wondered whether it might have been one year exactly to the day that we recorded this episode — which was Monday, July 19. Being a calendar pack rat, I did a search, and it turns out that we were off by just one week. Imagine that. Many organizations today wrestle with antiquated, clunky or inadequate functionality to assist and facilitate talent acquisition. At the very least, it’s the last two of these that make it seem like all three anyway. The thing is, the very idea of an applicant tracking system (ATS) is ill-matched to helping employers keep tabs on potential new-hires in today’s recruiting environment. Long in the tooth, the concept of an ATS was so-named at a time when the […]

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Pandemic Fallout and the Future of Work

Even as parts of the world return to a state resembling normal, the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold. Referring to this global event as “unprecedented” has become so commonplace as to be clichéd, and yet, the term hits the nail on the head. The unprecedented nature of this worldwide disaster renders its effects unpredictable, and as we march into the future, those effects continue to develop in ways we could only have guessed. Pandemic lockdowns had an immediate and marked effect on work. Who could or should go to work, where that work took place, how it was done—these work life fundamentals changed overnight for the majority of the population. Had lockdowns lasted only two weeks, as first predicted in those optimistic old days, we might have snapped back to normal. Sixteen months in, no one can hope for a magical reset. The transformation of work translates to a transformation of employment. If the workforce is out of whack, so will be the job market and the future of work. The pandemic changed the borders around work, perhaps permanently. People grew comfortable working from home and realized this broadened their options, or they were laid off and […]

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Thomas Cielak, VP of HR Operations at Allianz Global Investors

3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat with Thomas Cielak, Vice President of HR Operations at Allianz Global Investors

We welcome Tom Cielak to this episode of the 3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat video podcast. Tom and I met several years ago to discuss his team’s use of Ceridian Dayforce when he was director of HR operations at ACCO Brands. He later joined global asset management firm Allianz Global Investors, in mid-2018, as its vice president of HR operations. This is his current role, and Tom’s team at Allianz Global happens to use Ceridian Dayforce too. Tom is an advocate for the notion that, to be effective in their craft and as an asset to the organization, HR leaders today must become technologists. In today’s environment, where decision-making to buy enterprise software involves a broad variety of stakeholders, the IT department still has a say. The HR Technologist is far better at articulating a technology-buying decision to the satisfaction of IT and able to get the most of out of a deployment. Technology for human capital management proved to be fertile ground for a spirited discussion. One highly relevant tangent we took revolved around the various generations in the workforce today, from Boomers to Zoomers and everyone in between. Differentiation in functionality between vendors may resonate only for some buyers in […]

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3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat with Richard Limpkin, Chief Product Officer at Immedis

Joining us for this episode of the 3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat is Richard Limpkin, chief product officer at Dublin, Ireland-based global payroll provider Immedis. Richard and I spoke at length a couple times prior this. The insights we unearthed in those conversations were intriguing and, fortunately, the podcast captured the gist of these ideas as we reiterated previously covered ground. When you think about it, payroll is perhaps the most concrete and most abstract aspect of human capital management. On the one hand, it’s an indisputable number of outgoing money every one or two weeks (for some organizations, once monthly). Mess with that number or its delivery, and an organization can very quickly have a mutiny on its hands as job satisfaction suffers an acute, palpable blow. Above all, what must payroll be, without fail? It absolutely has to be timely and accurate, Richard says. He’s right, of course, and this applies to all payroll situations. Get payroll wrong or produce it late, and an organization immediately experiences the aforementioned potentially disastrous crisis of employee sentiment. Exacerbating matters is a strict regulatory environment reflecting the basic importance of payroll and governing how the organization must proceed to rectify the situation, whatever […]

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Market Alert: With Acquisition of TrenData HR, isolved Equips Users of People Cloud to Navigate Both the Near and Distant Future of Work

What Happened In mid-July 2021, isolved announced the acquisition of predictive people analytics platform TrenData HR. Applying predictive artificial intelligence (AI) models to produce visual insights pertaining to an organization’s workforce, the TrenData platform draws on external data sources and aggregates them with information from internal systems. The addition of TrenData to isolved People Cloud brings enterprise-grade analytics to the small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that comprise a majority of isolved’s customers. Background Predictive people analytics have grown in sophistication for several years now. Meanwhile, their availability to SMBs in a practical, fully integrated sense has been slow to develop. It’s not that these capabilities have been outright unavailable. It’s just that the number of non-enterprise-grade full-suite HCM solutions that have included high-caliber, highly usable and interpretable people analytics woven in, have been few. Notably, the acquisition of TrenData HR makes sense in a broader context. Specifically, it is the latest in a number of acquisitions isolved has made over the past three years. In January 2019, the vendor acquired The Sage Group plc, a U.S.-based payroll outsourcer. Earlier, in September 2018, isolved acquired AmCheck, another provider of payroll services with offices across the nation. More recently, recognizing the power […]

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