3Sixty Insights Research Recap | April 2023

Recent Research:

Case Study Vignette: isolved Spares Hands-On, Strategic People Leader and Owner of Right at Home North Shore LI the Hassles of Unautomated HR

We hear about so-called “accidental HR people,” the leaders at small businesses who take on the heavy lifting of operational HR because there’s no automation or person in place to do it. But what if SMB leaders could in fact be not-so-accidental HR people because their HR technology really empowered them? 3Sixty Insights spoke with Zubin Kapadia, owner and CEO of Right at Home North Shore LI, where the isolved People Cloud™ has spared him team the tedium of unautomated operational HR so he can focus as a hands-on people leader.

Case Study Vignette: isolved Helps Lift Vibrant Nonprofit Philadelphia FIGHT Out of the “Paper-Lithic Era” of HR

How does the HCM Maturity Model work? Well, you first have to step into it by stepping out of the HR Stone Age. This Case Study Vignette looks at how Philadelphia FIGHT was able to evolve out of the “Paper-Lithic Era” of HR with the help of cloud software from isolved. “It was night and day, and it was a beautiful thing,” says Colleen Davis, payroll/HR systems manager.

Survey: Which New Hires Perform Better?

3Sixty Insights is actively researching which new hires perform better and ask that you take two minutes to share your opinion via this survey to help shape our research.

Research Note: Gloat Supports Organizations Through Transition to Talent Transformation

Jennifer Dole’s research highlights the importance of laying the groundwork before implementing a talent marketplace solution. Each participant in our research took a different approach based on their organization’s readiness for change and buy-in. One energy company took a strategic approach to identify best-of-breed talent marketplaces to align with their new talent philosophy, while a pharmaceutical company focused on developing a user-friendly platform that enhances employee career development. An insurance company took an experimental approach with a pilot program to collect valuable data and engage employees. These stories offer inspiration and wisdom for organizations looking to implement a talent marketplace solution.

Research Abstract: Building a Resilient Future of Work – The Crucial Role of Technology in Promoting Employee Career Resilience

Are you an HR technology vendor who wants to play a crucial role in shaping the future of work and promoting employee career resilience? 3Sixty Insights is inviting you to brief us on how your technology solutions are helping to build the future of work. We want to hear about the benefits of your technology in helping employees adapt to change and how it provides access to on-demand coaching and development resources. Contact us to arrange a briefing and share your expertise with us. #HRtechnology #futureofwork #careerresilience

Recent #HRTechChat’s

The Boston #isolvedRoadShow Episode of #HRTechChat with Guest Geoff Webb

#HR can feel like lots of running in one place. You’re working harder and harder, but getting nowhere. This is the Red Queen Effect. Last week, on an episode of #HRTechChat from the floor of the Boston stop along the vendor’s 2023 Road Show. isolved Vice President of Solution Strategy Geoff Webb explained the way out.

#HRTechChat with Swati Jain on the Right Mindset for a Successful Career

Building a successful career requires the right mindset, skills, and strategies to navigate the changing job market.

#HRTechChat: Robyn Torgius, Global Head of Payroll at IFS

“I wish we could just push a button and have payroll process without a hitch, like everyone thinks we do,” joked Robyn Torgius, guest on this episode of #HRTechChat. Instead of just falling into the work, as most have in the past, people are increasingly choosing payroll as a career path. This is a good thing. As global head of payroll at IFS and member of 3Sixty Insights’ Global Executive Advisory Council, Robyn shared her considerable insight into how payroll can be elevated into a profession — and why it should be.

#HRTechChat: Purbita Banerjee, Senior Client Partner and Head of Product Management at Korn Ferry

For this episode of #HRTechChat, Purbita Banerjee, senior client partner and head of product management at Korn Ferry, joined 3Sixty Insights Co-Founder Brent Skinner for a barnburner of a discussion. Their topic? How future-of-work technology is upending long-held notions in #talentacquisition and #talentmanagement. “We’re here to create pathways to success for humans at work,” said Purbita.

#HRTechChat: Brandon Dorr, Director of People Technologies at WPS Health Solutions

Brandon Dorr, director of people technologies at WPS Health Solutions, guested on this episode of the #HRTechChat video podcast. He and host Brent Skinner discussed how Brandon’s training in IT led him into HR. There seems to be a robust career path in HR (and other lines of business) for IT professionals needed for their expertise in sorting the data that SaaS for HCM produces (and in developing custom, tailored functionality). During their conversation, they also touched on the high caliber of attention that UKG pays to customer success.

#HRTechChat: Mike Ettling, Chief Executive Officer at Unit4

For this episode of #HRTechChat, Unit4 CEO Mike Ettling sat down with host Brent Skinner for a wide-ranging conversation. Upon taking on the role to lead the company, Mike renamed HR the People Success department—in keeping with the company’s tagline, “in business for people.” During the podcast, Mike discussed his philosophy around how human capital management, enterprise resource planning, and financial planning & analysis should be inextricably linked and even act as one application. Under such a scenario, financial leaders come to develop a greater understanding of, and appreciation for, the value of people.

Recent Articles and Coverage

The Potential and Pitfalls of AI in HR: Ensuring Fairness and Transparency in Employment Decisions

3Sixty Insights’ Jennifer Dole is excited to share her top takeaways from the #IAMPHENOM conversation on with Keith Sonderling, Commissioner at EEOC. It’s crucial to ensure AI is used for the right purposes, such as promoting transparency and fairness in employment decisions. Let’s work towards a more inclusive future for all by addressing roadblocks and eliminating bias in the workplace through innovation and open discussions. #AIinHR #fairness #transparency #inclusion

Medium – The Top Resources For Talent Development Professionals

The Analyst community is always looking out for what’s new and next with trends and technologies that impact talent and learning. I find that these are great to dig into to learn more about what are key priorities of talent leaders, or what priorities could be. While most have a paid membership to access the in-depth research, many offer free content, either on the blog or through other mediums that can be good to read and evaluate. Here are some examples of ones that cover talent and learning topics.

UNLEASH Startup – Lightning round semi-finalists announced

The battle for that coveted final spot at the UNLEASH America Startup competition is on. Here are the finalist Equidi, Virgil HR, Value Verify, Talk’n’Job, Wrky.

Work In Progress – Rethinking The Employer-Employee Deal

As we move into the Future of Work, something that I’ve been thinking about is how we need to reevaluate the employer-employee deal if companies and leaders want to attract, retain, and develop talent within their organization.

Guest Post: The Death of Expertise and Why It Matters for Successful Business Growth

I am currently reading Tom Nichol’s above titled book, and finding it fascinating, enlightening, and even a bit depressing. It’s a great read and I highly recommend it.  To (poorly) summarize his premise: given society’s incredible access to information, often unvetted, usually without context, and frequently just plain wrong, we’re creating an environment where opinion is conflated with fact and everyone feels empowered to speak with authority on the most arcane, complex or nuanced of topics. The book has been attacked as a defense of elitism, but that line of reasoning is the very point of the book! There are people who know more than any of the rest of us do about at least something, and sometimes, many things. To ignore that is to constrain growth and improvement.

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