UNLEASH Startup – Lightning round semi-finalists announced

The battle for that coveted final spot at the UNLEASH America Startup competition is on. Here are the finalist: Equidi, Virgil HR, Value Verify, Talk’n’Job, Wrky.

Why You Should Care
  • Five semi-finalists will have the chance to battle it out to be crowned most innovative tech startup at the International Festival of HR.
  • Here are the runners and riders who could make the final cut.
  • But who will take the last place in the UNLEASH Startups final?

The esteemed judges of the Lightning round will be Brent Skinner, James Holzer, Elaine Orler and Mahila Amjad.

Brent Skinner is the co-founder of 3Sixty Insights, where he leads the HCM analyst practice and hosts the #HRTechChat video podcastHe has served as partner and advisor to executives and others in sales, marketing, and customer success at Ceridian and Cornerstone OnDemand.

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