Work In Progress – Rethinking The Employer-Employee Deal

Re-Thinking The Employer-Employee Deal

As we move into the Future of Work, something that I’ve been thinking about is how we need to reevaluate the employer-employee deal if companies and leaders want to attract, retain, and develop talent within their organization.

In my post from earlier this year, I talked about this as the need for companies to redefine the employee value proposition. And an extension of that is the importance of rethinking the employer-employee deal.

People You Should Follow

Here are some people you should consider checking out if you want to learn more about ideas behind the alliance, and other career and mobility related topics
  • Ben Casnocha – Ben is the co-author with Reid Hoffman of the book The Alliance
  • Christina Wallace – Christina is an author of The Portfolio Life, and her work around portfolio lives and careers is a new and interesting way to think about developing people.
  • Julie Winkle Giulioni – Julie is a speaker, consultant and author, and her book Promotions Are So Yesterday offers a great new framework that companies can use to promote internal mobility and growth inside their organizations
  • Edie Goldberg – Edie is an author and coach, and her book The Inside Gig provides a framework for how companies can think about promoting internal mobility
  • Andy Storch – Andy is a Speaker, Author and Community Builder and the author of Own Your Career Own Your Life. His book is a great way to help your employees think about their career goals
  • Jennifer Dole – Jennifer is a Research Analyst and expert on People, Talent and HR topics. She has written recently about the idea of career resilience.
  • Russ Laraway – Russ is an author, and his work around how to help employees manage their careers through 3 separate career conversation models is a helpful way to bring the Alliance to life.

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