Research Abstract: Building a Resilient Future of Work – The Crucial Role of Technology in Promoting Employee Career Resilience

3Sixty Insights - Research Abstract - Career Resilience - Thumbnail - AngledWe at 3Sixty Insights are committed to understanding how technology is shaping the future of work and how it is promoting employee career resilience. We believe that HR technology vendors like yourselves play a crucial role in this process.
We are inviting you to brief us on how your technology solutions are helping to build the future of work by promoting employee career resilience. We are interested in learning about the benefits of your technology in helping employees adapt to change and how it provides access to on-demand coaching and development resources. We also want to hear about how your technology fosters a sense of community and support through technology.

We believe that balancing digital solutions with face-to-face interactions is critical to ensuring that employees’ needs are met. Therefore, we are interested in hearing how your technology solutions balance technology with face-to-face interactions and the other forms of support that can promote career resilience. We want to know how you are evaluating your solutions to ensure that they meet employees’ needs, identifying key indicators of success, and making necessary adjustments to promote career resilience.

Finally, we want to hear about how you are collaborating with your customers’ organizations to create solutions that empower employees to reach their full potential. We are interested in learning about the power of collaboration between HR technology vendors and organizations, how you are contributing to a workforce that is equipped to succeed in a rapidly changing job market, and the potential impact of building a career resilient workforce.
We believe that prioritizing career resilience can have a significant impact on the success of both employees and organizations (3Sixty Insights – “Why Career Resilience Matters; And What You Can DoAbout It,” March 2023). Therefore, we urge you to participate in our thought leader initiative and share your expertise with us. We look forward to learning from you and sharing your insights with our audience.

Please contact us to arrange a briefing, and we will be happy to discuss the next steps.

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