Case Study Vignette: isolved Spares Hands-On, Strategic People Leader and Owner of Right at Home North Shore LI the Hassles of Unautomated HR

isolved Spares Hands-On, Strategic People Leader and Owner of Right at Home North Shore LI the Hassles of Unautomated HRAny business can benefit from gaining greater visibility into its people. Even basic information, such as their total numbers, whereabouts, hours worked, legal qualifications to do this work or that, and more, can be gold for not only the HR department, but also organizational leadership. This is as true for small businesses as for multinational corporations employing thousands. It would seem, from the outside looking in, that these stats should be a cinch to obtain for small employers. But ask HR people working at the thousands of small businesses in North America. They would probably tell you much of this information is hard to pin down. Especially when it comes to up-to-date data, the only kind that really makes a difference, it’s elusive and no simple errand to find.
A workforce filled with mobile, deskless, front-line, customer-facing staff only exacerbates this challenge inherent and common to so many organizations. Employers in healthcare, home care, or anything related provide good examples.

  • Employees’ hours vary widely and wildly week to week, potentially stymying HR’s ability to determine any given staff member’s eligibility for employer-subsidized health coverage under the rules of the Affordable Care Act.
  • A complex regulatory landscape in healthcare demands real-time visibility into things such as whether employees’ licensures are up to date: for nurses to work their shifts after accidentally lapsing on renewing their license, the legal and financial consequences for these staff and their employer can be serious.
  • Absent easily accessible, current information on its workforce, the company that is “operating blind” will miss important workforce-related cues and suffer turnover. High attrition is a documented major challenge for employers large and small in these industries. For smaller organizations, who rely on dependable staff to carry out the mission (e.g., regularly visit elderly clients), a revolving door delivers catastrophic impacts.

Typifying these challenges is Right at Home North Shore LI, located in the New York City metropolitan area. For seniors needing various levels of assistance, the company provides home care services throughout Queens and parts of Nassau County Long Island. These include companion care, personal care and specialty care. Right at Home’s workforce presents precisely the kind of conundrums HR professionals might expect at such an organization without a good HR solution in place. Helping the company tame operational HR, isolved has also been instrumental in equipping organizational leadership to act on human capital management (HCM) strategically.

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