Anatomy of a Decision: GBS Worldwide Elects to Expand Use of PandoLogic Following Early Success

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It’s a fact well-established that today’s job market looks very different from that of the pre-COVID-19 era. Naturally, talent acquisition practices have had to evolve just as dramatically. The teams responsible for finding and hiring qualified applicants to fill open roles have seen the challenges of their own jobs changing at a rapid pace, forcing innovation from the host of vendors vying for the opportunity to support them in their work. A large concentration of this has emerged in the realm of artificial intelligence.

3Sixty Insights has written previously about the ways in which sudden and widespread adoption of remote work practices has altered the workforce, breaking down geographical barriers and opening up the possibilities for both employers and employees (3Sixty Insights BWSRN2211 – Choose Your Own Adventure: Returning to the Workplace, Protecting the Employee Experience, October 2021). Amid the trend-watching buzz, it can be easy to forget that such shifts are far from universal. Many jobs are simply impossible to complete from home. Industries such as transportation, agriculture, and manufacturing have little room for the practice that was once quaintly known as “telecommuting.” In fact, a 2020 MicKinsey report found that “more than half the workforce has little or no opportunity for remote work.” For the employers in these segments, the age-old difficulties of recruiting qualified candidates in their own back yards have only been compounded by the newly location-agnostic demand drawing on the global talent supply.

About the Participant

GBS Worldwide is a digital advertising firm that helps its clients to address, understand, and communicate employer brand, both internally and externally. GBS has two primary service models for work with its clients: the GBS team will either build a system for a client and hand off ownership to that organization, or the firm will build the system and then manage it on behalf of the client.
3Sixty Insights spoke with Dwane Lay, CXO at GBS. Lay’s background is in human resources technology; he describes himself as “a process guy at heart.” At GBS, Lay is responsible for customer experience. In addition to the client-facing elements of his work, Lay also relies on behind-the-scenes data to monitor customer success. Before joining GBS, he served as the vice president of customer success at a programmatic job advertising platform.

Carrying Out a Three-Month Recruitment Campaign on pandoIQ

For its client Kerry, a global, publicly traded food manufacturing company, GBS carried out a three-month campaign using pandoIQ, an AI-enabled job advertising solution offered by PandoLogic. Kerry operates manufacturing facilities in more than 150 locations around the globe. Each Kerry location has its own specialty, and most are situated in less populated suburban areas. All these traits of Kerry made the employer a good candidate for the campaign.

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