Market Alert: Neeyamo Announces Evolution Into Becoming a Global Employer of Record

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With principal offices in California, U.S.A., the India-headquartered global human resource outsourcer (HRO) Neeyamo has announced that it will now be a global employer of record (EOR). Drawing on its leadership in significant niches of global HRO, including long-tail global HR and payroll, Neeyamo brings much expertise and experience to bear in taking on global EOR.


Given the vendor’s origins and where it has been, this evolution in Neeyamo’s offering is intuitive.

Take long-tail global HR and payroll, for example. A significant area of its expertise, which Neeyamo essentially pioneered, it refers to the activity an organization must undertake to support the employment of people in geographically distant locations where relatively few staff work for the employer.

Consider the following hypothetical: A United States–based IT services company headquartered in Tulsa, Okla., employs 767 people. Most of the organization’s offices are in North America, where approximately 95 percent of staff reports to work. As the result of a recent global expansion, however, the organization additionally operates an office each in New Dehli, Paris, and Dublin. A total of 40 or so work from these offices — 17 in New Dehli, 14 in Dublin, and 9 in Paris.

These locations have typical HR and payroll needs too, and the above hypothetical example is just one of several possibilities where the long tail of global HR and payroll becomes a factor. Small headcounts populating geographically dispersed locations still necessitate labor expenditure related to HR and payroll. Employers operating in just one country or smaller continent may nevertheless contend with this long tail of HR and payroll. Add the complexities of global regulatory landscapes and language barriers, and many employers with a long tail of HR and payroll find themselves seeking a global HRO specializing in handling this, a niche that Neeyamo has championed and dominates. The vendor’s customer base here comprises not only a large chunk of the Fortune 500, but also, a sizable contingent of medium- and smaller enterprise-size employers.

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