Monthly Research Recap | September 2022

Upcoming Events: Inspire HR | October 5 – 7 2022

Join 3Sixity Insights Brent Skinner as he presents on day 2 of the upcoming Inspire HR conference October 5 – 7 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee.

3Sixty Insights & PandoLogic Joint Webinar: Leveraging AI in Talent Acquisition to Drive Results | November 9th at 2PM EST

In many ways, talent acquisition has evolved into uncharted territory. Most recruitment tech today incorporates some form of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the human side of hiring. There’s AI for improving your applicant tracking system, engaging with candidates, and more. Yet the fundamentals of recruiting remain the same. For example, in spreading the word about your open positions, you still need to be as accurate as possible in reaching and attracting quality candidates. And there’s AI for that, too.

Recent Research & Announcements:

3Sixty Insights Expands its Leadership Team with the Hire of Jennifer Dole as Director & Principal Analyst for Talent Management

BOSTON, Mass., Sept. 7, 2022 – 3Sixty Insights today announced that as it continues to expand its practice area in human capital management (HCM) research, Jennifer Dole has joined the company’s leadership team as director and principal analyst covering talent management.

Infographic: Changing a Large Organization’s Culture Begins with the Decision to Do So

As part of a multi-pronged effort to revitalize and reinvigorate its employer culture, University of Phoenix overhauled and reimagined its approach to performance management. The result was to replace annual reviews with quarterly check-ins and overall positivity under the aegis of an internal program named Everyday Performance Development. After giving the new approach a shot with SAP SuccessFactors, the institution’s existing provider at the time, Vice President of Talent Management Jeff Andes ultimately found significant success with Betterworks.

Market Alert: Silkroad Technology Shows Savvy in Expanding Its Approach to the Blending Talent Lifecycle With the Help of Entelo

There is no longer a clearly definable handoff between talent acquisition and talent management. The two have become one unbroken talent lifecycle. This is what makes the joining of forces between SilkRoad Technology and Entelo savvy and compelling.


3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat with Bob Cahill, CEO of Globalization Partners

Bob Cahill, CEO of Globalization Partners, was the guest for this episode of the #HRTechChat video podcast to discuss the origins of the employer of record (EOR) industry and the fast-gathering pace of growth it is encountering of late. Corroborating this are results from the company’s latest CFO survey. Nicole Sahin, Globalization Partners’ founder and Chair, helped pioneer EOR and has a vision for the future of the space, all of which Bob discussed with host Brent Skinner, co-founder of 3Sixty Insights. Bob has always been fascinated by the “power of software and technology to expand your market,” he said during the podcast.

#HRTechChat: 3Sixty Insights Shares its Takeaways from the HR Technology Conference & Expo

For this special episode of #HRTechChat, Jen Dole, the latest addition to the leadership team at 3Sixty Insights, joined Co-Founder Brent Skinner to discuss their takeaways from HR Technology Conference & Expo—the words and phrases they heard most and least, and their reaction to the overall, very positive vibe this year in Las Vegas. To paraphrase Dole, “People’s definition of success is changing, and so must employers’.” The employee experience is indeed essential to organizational success, and from the looks of it, business leaders are finally getting the memo—which is good for the future of work.

3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat with Pete Tiliakos, Global Payroll Product Strategy Leader at Alight Solutions

Our guest on this episode of #HRTechChat was Pete Tiliakos, global payroll product strategy leader for Alight Solutions. Pete has a lengthy CV in payroll, his area of deep expertise. Also a member of our Global Executive Advisory Council, Pete and podcast host Brent Skinner discussed their takeaways from this year’s HR Technology Conference & Expo, landing specifically on the epiphany industry is having when it comes to the strategic imperatives surrounding payroll. It is readily apparent that businesses’ concept of what payroll can and does mean has officially expanded. It has never been a mere cost to contain, but an investment capable of driving employee engagement and supporting the employee experience.

3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat with Danny Schulz, Senior Manager of Payroll, Systems and Taxes at Kohler Co.

“To me, payroll in general comes down to data and data flow,” says Danny Schulz, senior manager of payroll, systems, and taxes at Kohler. 3Sixty Insights’ guest for this episode of the #HRTechChat video podcast, Danny dives deeply into how to bring order to global payroll. What are some of the best practices to stand up a workable global payroll strategy? How do you get executive alignment? Danny gets into all this and more.

Recent Articles:

The Employee Experience: HR Must Learn to Let Go

Most agree that HR has ultimate responsibility for the employee experience, and today’s software solutions make it possible for HR to get pretty deep into the weeds of the EX. This is a mistake, and HR should resist the temptation. HR must learn to let go of the minutia and instead focus on the big picture. It’s their only option. But it can be tough for HR departments used to heavy administrative work to pivot and lead in this area.

A Recipe to Evaluate Technology: How Big Is Your Picture?

If you’re looking for a reliable shorthand to determining whether a new technology is “going to make it” in the marketplace, there’s a recipe that you can apply. It originates with John Landry, former C-level executive at firms including Cullinet, Lotus Development Corp, and IBM. Craig Himmelberger, who heads the FinTech analyst practice at 3Sixty Insights, breaks down the five parts of Landry’s decision tree.

How can businesses find the right balance between empathy and efficiency?

While it may seem like a trade-off, businesses don’t have to sacrifice empathy in order to be more efficient. In fact, when companies focus too much on efficiency, they can actually hurt employee productivity and engagement.

Health and Wellbeing Have a Big Impact on Careers

If you’re like most women, you’re constantly juggling work, family, and other obligations. It can be tough to find time for yourself, let alone time for wellness. But making small changes in your daily routine can have a big impact on your overall health and wellbeing, and ultimately your career.

5 Tips to Telling Great Customer Stories

How do you capture your customers’ attention, and keep them coming back for more? You tell great customer stories. But what makes a good customer story? And how can you make sure yours stand out from the rest? We’ve put together five tips to help you get started. Check it out!

The Changing Definition of Success

What does success mean to you? Many people define it by how much money they make or what their job title is. But there’s more to it than that …


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