Market Alert: Silkroad Technology Shows Savvy in Expanding Its Approach to the Blending Talent Lifecycle With the Help of Entelo

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SilkRoad Technology has added Entelo’s functionality in candidate search and recruitment marketing to an existing suite known for highly capable onboarding and the rest of talent management. Made possible with the backing of HighBar partners, the move also brings the considerable expertise of members of Entelo’s executive team, Chief Executive Officer Robert Tsao and Chief Technology Officer Ron Teeter, to assume these roles at SilkRoad Technology.


The two pioneering vendors in software-as-a-service (SaaS) for talent management and talent acquisition are marshaling their strengths.
Founded in 2011, Entelo became known early on for Sonar, an at-the-time modern algorithmic tool helping recruiters predict the likelihood of flight risk for competitors’ top talent that they themselves wished to woo as new hires. The vendor’s portfolio of products eventually and naturally grew to encompass much of talent acquisition and some talent management.
Founded in 2003, SilkRoad Technology is perhaps best known for its industry-standard cloud-based solution for employee onboarding, RedCarpet Onboarding. This offering has continued to today as the centerpiece of SilkRoad’s functionality for talent management and acquisition, a suite also spanning recruiting, performance, and learning.

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