Monthly Research Recap | November 2022

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Neeyamo Evolve Beyond Borders | January 19 – 20th 2023

Join Brent Skinner, Co- Founder- 3Sixty Insights, as he shares his ideas and best practices to prepare your organization for the #Futureofwork at Neeyamo’s Evolve Beyond Borders event January 19 – 20th 2023.

Recent Research:

Research Note: Engagedly’s E3 Platform Delivers Significant, Positive Impact to Productivity and the Employee Experience

3Sixty Insights spoke at length with Engagedly customers HIMSS, Christian Care Ministry, and Tallan. When deploying this vendor’s E3 Platform, users can expect not only a bevy of newfound efficiencies, but also a boost to their ability to show empathy to their workforce. Clearly, improvements to productivity and the employee experience go hand in hand with the deployment of modern technology for talent management.

Analyst Insight: The Pros and Cons of Hiring Former Employees

Have you ever hired a former employee? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, many people hire former employees because they know what the person is capable of and they trust them. But is this really the best option? Is it better to start fresh with someone new or bring in someone who already has experience with your company? There are pros and cons to both options, so let’s take a closer look

Case Study: Quantum Workplace Supports HR Evolution and Cultural Transformation at Valet Living

At Valet Living, a company providing amenity services to residential communities across the United States, Vice President of Talent Optimization Nicole Davies has transformed the performance review process and other key aspects of talent management through the deployment of Quantum Workplace. As a result, employee engagement, retention and internal hiring have all improved significantly. The bump in employee engagement is especially notable given the solitary nature of day-to-day work for Valet Living’s thousands of associates nationwide. This case study delves into the details and describes how HR’s role in the organization has transformed, too.

Market Alert: Betterworks Integrates With LinkedIn Learning to Create More Transparency and Accountability for Employee Development

A recently launched deep integration with LinkedIn Learning is the latest among many tools that Betterworks offers to help employees stay on track with their learning goals. Authored by 3Sixty Insights’ HCM analysts Jennifer Dole and Brent Skinner, this Market Alert walks readers through the details and significance of the integration, which gives employees an easier way to find and gain access to learning resources and organizations a more transparent view into their employees’ career development.

In the News

SHRM – How to Conduct a Skills Gap Analysis

One of the most critical functions that solo HR practitioners can perform for their employer is to determine what skills their workers have and what skills they will need in the future.

Conducting a skills gap analysis can help ensure the organization is ready for whatever changes and challenges lie ahead.

“It’s the process an HR person uses to identify specific skills required to perform a certain task or role within an organization and then compare those skills against the actual skills employees have,” says Jennifer Dole, director and principal analyst for 3Sixty Insights, a consultancy based in Boston.

Forbes – How New Partnership With LinkedIn Learning Improves Betterworks’ Upskilling Platform

A new partnership announced today by performance software company Betterworks and LinkedIn Learning will provide an improved integrated approach to corporate learning and development that could ensure the success of upskilling programs for those who participate and sponsor them.


#HRTechChat: Jamie Aitken, Vice President of HR Transformation at Betterworks

In this episode of the #HRTechChat video podcast, Jamie Aitken, vice president of HR Transformation at Betterworks, joined 3Sixty Insights Co-Founder Brent Skinner to address the urgent need to dispense with the standalone annual performance review. An overwhelming administrative hassle for HR, it is a relic ineffective at measuring employees’ performance and poor at promoting productivity. Jamie discussed the alternative: continuous conversations between managers and their individual team members. Betterworks calls this modern performance enablement, an approach that encourages and engages the workforce and aids greatly in elevating HR’s strategic standing within the organization. The state of the art of technology for performance management facilitates modern performance enablement, easily capturing feedback from these conversations to inform more meaningful and empathetic annual retrospectives on employees’ performance.

#HRTechChat: Nicole Davies, Vice President of Talent Optimization at Valet Living

In this episode of #HRTechChat, Nicole Davies, vice president of talent optimization at Valet Living, shares how her department has experienced an HR transformation with the use of Quantum Workplace to modernize performance management for the employer’s several thousand associates. Employee engagement, staff retention, internal hiring, and other key metrics of talent management have all increased significantly, and her conversations with the rest of organizational leadership have become much more strategic because of the intel she now has regarding the current and potential state of the her employer’s workforce.

#HRTechChat Explores isolved’s Acquisition of AAP

This episode of the #HRTechChat video podcast provides viewers with a glimpse into isolved’s in-network acquisition this past summer of AAP. Lina Tonk, chief marketing officer at isolved, and Andy Osborne, who was CEO of AAP for 20 years, reveal that the critical work to merge the two organizations’ cultures actually commenced years earlier and explain how the acquisition supports isolved’s growth strategy as it relates to this network of administrative services organization, professional employer organizations, and payroll service bureaus.

#HRTechChat with Larry McAlister, talent and transformation expert, and founder of The Corporate Humanist Consultancy

This edition of HR Tech Chat features Larry McAlister, former HR executive and now author. Larry shares that as our workplace continues to evolve and become increasingly technology-driven, HR leaders will be tasked with finding innovative solutions to the modern complexities of work. With cutting-edge tools like talent marketplaces and virtual coaching platforms, HR experts can help managers to facilitate meaningful conversations with employees about topics like skills development and career planning. By leveraging these technologies, managers are better able to offer employees the support they need to thrive in today’s competitive workforce.

#HRTechChat Asks Enavrio: “Is Technology Vendor Selection Really Just about Technology Vendor Selection?”

Enavrio Managing Partners Brenda Laughlin and Brian Turk guested on #HRTechChat to address the question: Is the vendor selection process really just about vendor selection? “A global consulting collective of the best and brightest HR and HR technology consultants,” as Brian puts it, Enavrio is in a good position to know the answer. For one thing, when employers think they need new HR technology, the issue keeping them from achieving their vision for human capital management might be something else entirely. On this episode of the video podcast, Brenda and Brian joined 3Sixty Insights Co-Founder Brent Skinner to discuss some of the many nuances of HR transformation and HCM technology selection.

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