Research Note: Engagedly’s E3 Platform Delivers Significant, Positive Impact to Productivity and the Employee Experience

3Sixty Insights - Research Note - Engagedly What You Need to Know

The modern workplace is becoming increasingly competitive, with employees having more options than ever before when it comes to where and how they choose to work. Employees want to be engaged in their work, have a sense of purpose, and feel like they are part of something bigger. To meet these expectations, organizations must strive to create a positive work culture, provide meaningful work, and offer opportunities for development and growth. By focusing on developing and nurturing an employee-centric work experience, organizations can create a more positive and productive environment resulting in better retention and increased productivity.
But to aspire simply to making the workplace more efficient and productive is to miss much subtlety and fail to fathom the potential behind human capital management (HCM) too narrowly. The many benefits go much further. Some can be quantified from a financial perspective, yes, and still others can be measured in terms of a number. 3Sixty Insights refers to these and the activities behind them as concrete HCM. However, equally critical, but less obvious, are those benefits that may be challenging to measure in a meaningful way, or have no discernible financial impact at all, and yet are indispensable to organizational success. 3Sixty Insights refers to these less easily quantifiable, but no less impactful, dynamics as abstract HCM (3Sixty Insights BWSRN2142 – “Concrete vs Abstract HCM The Power of ‘And’,” April 2021).

About This Report

A natural companion to an Anatomy of a Decision™ that 3Sixty Insights published about Engagedly last year, this Research Note provides readers with a framework to evaluate the holistic value gained from using the full suite of Engagedly offerings (3Sixty Insights 3SIAD21102 – “Engagedly Helps Customers Provide and Manage Modern, Positive Employee Experience,” October 2021). Readers will get a full picture of how much potential lurks for their own organizations were they, too, to deploy Engagedly.

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