Market Alert: Betterworks Integrates With LinkedIn Learning to Create More Transparency and Accountability for Employee Development

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Betterworks, a provider of enterprise software for continuous performance management, recently announced an integration with LinkedIn Learning, the world’s largest online learning platform. This integration strengthens the growing connection between performance management and employee development. Using goals, regular check-ins, and feedback loops, managers and employees are able to more effectively collaborate on learning trajectories for each individual contributor.


The workplace is constantly changing and evolving, and to keep up with these changes, it is important for employees to be lifelong learners. The reason learning has become increasingly important is because the world is constantly changing, and to keep up with the competition, employees need to be able to adapt and learn new skills quickly. Many companies are turning to learning management or learning experience solutions to help facilitate this process. While these solutions are often seen as a promising way to engage employees and promote learning, they can sometimes face challenges with adoption and engagement. One of the key issues is that many people sign up for courses but then fail to complete them, or simply do not have time to complete. Employers see it in low course completion rates.
To address this problem, companies need ways to integrate learning conversations between managers and employees. This means connecting learning activities back to business or development goals so that employees have more incentive to keep working on their learning coursework. Additionally, it is important for companies to make sure that learning content is easily accessible and searchable from tools like Betterworks, enabling employees to easily find and connect with the right courses for their needs. Ultimately, by creating this kind of integrated environment, companies can help foster lasting engagement in their learning content and truly reap the benefits of learning.
“Investing in frequent conversations about learning between managers and employees is an effective strategy for increasing an employee’s skills and contribution to business results,” says Jennifer Dole, director and principal analyst of talent management for 3Sixty Insights. “By using the integrated tool from Betterworks and LinkedIn Learning, managers can gain efficiencies that allow them to devote more time to being empathetic, which in turn helps the employee continue to grow and become even more valuable to the company.”

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