Monthly Research Recap | January 2023

Recent Research

Research Note: Hired to Transform: Learn How HR Leaders Can Use Ecosystems to Drive Innovation and Change in the Workplace

3Sixty Insights’ Jennifer Dole tells Larry McAlister’s story about creating a branded talent strategy enabled with technology that transformed the way managers, employees and the enterprise work together. Learn how using an ecosystem of BetterUp, Glint, Imperative, Fuel50 and Eightfold can drive innovation and change in the workplace.

Case Study: Office Partners 360 Revolutionizes Its HCM Workflows With Zoho to Scale With Ease and Move Away From Inefficient HR Processes

By deploying Zoho, business process outsourcing firm Office Partners 360 was able to infuse HR with a bevy of newfound efficiencies, streamline recruiting, and greatly improve the employee experience. All of this has been critical in helping to bolster global growth, which accelerated considerably at the onset of the pandemic. “That’s the beauty of Zoho. We can implement clean and easy-to-build, repeatable, scalable, predictable processes at a massive scale, globally in different countries,” said Ben Roberts, president and chief operating officer of OP360, in this related Case Study.

Analyst Insight: Zoho Ex Apps Revolutionize Recruitment and Employee Workflows at Sngular to Deliver Valuable Efficiencies and Data Analytics

In this Analyst Insight, we delve into how IT services firm Sngular was able to support and protect the employee experience and otherwise accommodate its fast global growth by deploying Zoho functionality for recruiting, expense management and more. “With Zoho, we have a much better vision of what is going on inside the company through data,” said Borja Roig, cross-border business director at Sngular.

Recent Articles

What is Organizational Network Analysis?

Jennifer Dole explores Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) – an increasingly popular method for understanding the complexities of workplace dynamics and improving team performance. She spoke to Performica to learn how ONA is used to map patterns of relationships between individuals within an organization and gain a better understanding of who interacts with whom and how decisions are made. This invaluable analysis provides HR teams with insight into communication flow, organizational structure, collaboration processes, team composition and more—all information that can be used to optimize a company’s operations.

The Wall Street Journal | The Workplace Report – Speak Up for Investment in HR Even as Belt Tightening Looms

People teams became essential partners to businesses during the pandemic and transition to remote work. But as companies confront the prospect of a recession this year and tackle slowing growth and decreasing consumer spending, organizational budgets are tightening and mass layoffs are back on the table.

Council Guest Post: Connecting Technology and Growth – The Top Three Ways AI Can Help Improve Leadership in Your Company

Larry McAlister, 3Sixty Insights newest Global Executive Advisory Council member, shares his insights on AI-enabled tools. He recommends that HR be well-versed in technology in order to fully realize the potential of AI-enabled tools. By utilizing AI, leaders can take advantage of a variety of benefits that will improve their business. These benefits range from faster candidate matching and true career pathing and development, to access to human coaches assisted by AI for all employees. HR leaders need to understand how to use these tools effectively and should take the time to research different vendors when selecting the right ones for their company. In this article, he provides an overview of how AI can help improve leadership, as well as a six step process on how to conduct thorough vendor research.

Recent HRTechChat’s & Webinars

#HRTechChat with Alex Furman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Performica

This edition of #HRTechChat features Alex Furman, founder and CEO of Performica and 3Sixty Insight’s Jennifer Dole. In this episode we share why founder’s story matter. Prospective customers want to understand the story behind a company’s founding- why it exists, what inspired its leaders, and how it will make their lives better. Founders’ stories can offer inspiration, give them insight into the values at play in the organization they’re thinking of using, and even persuade them that they have made the right decision when considering an investment with a particular company. In this blog post we explore why Alex’s stories should matter when you’re investing in technology. There was so much to unpack in a short time during the recording, take a listen!

Webinar: Engagedly’s Impact on Employee Experience & Productivity in Hybrid Work Environment With Jennifer Dole

Recent research conducted by Sixty Insights shows that the implementation of Engagedly can have a positive effect on employee experience and productivity. Jennifer Dole from 3Sixty Insights recently presented our findings which provide organizations with a framework to evaluate the value that they gain from using Engagedly’s offerings. In this session, Jennifer shares stories from several HR leaders on how Engagedly impacts employee experience and productivity in a hybrid work environment. These stories embody the aspiration every HR department has to overcome administrative obstacles, to become less reactive and more proactive, and to transform HR into a strategic, influential agent within the organization, a true asset to senior leadership. These aspirational stories would not be possible without the investment of time from Casey Sanders at CCM, Anna Shiring at HIMMS, and Victoria Riemann at Tallen. Thank you for sharing your stories.

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