Case Study: Office Partners 360 Revolutionizes Its HCM Workflows With Zoho to Scale With Ease and Move Away From Inefficient HR Processes

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3Sixty Insights - Cast Study - Office Partners 360 Revolutionizes its HCM Workflows with Zoho to Scale with Ease and Move Away from Inefficient HR ProcessesWhen a company grows, especially when that expansion means new geographies, one of the biggest challenges is ensuring that its business processes, including talent management, not only keep pace but can act as a critical enabler in the expansion. COVID and the impact it had on organizations highlighted similar concerns and problems. While digital transformation presents a solution to many of these challenges and enables many companies to weather the significant issues and roadblocks the pandemic presents, it is only part of the answer. The other part involves the company’s system or software to manage hypergrowth’s HR component. Results come not only in the form of greater efficiencies and attendant time savings, but also, a greater ability to practice empathy. What’s more, not only is there a balance between these two, but they also can go hand in hand — i.e., newfound efficiencies support people managers’ ability to show empathy at scale.
To find large volumes of talent fast, companies will look to deploy an applicant tracking system (ATS), a solution for hiring new employees, another for onboarding, and one that can manage global payroll. However, what can happen is that given the complexity of each segment, the organization may choose to silo each area, sometimes because no one wants to propose a single tech stack. It can be perceived as being the easier, less risky option. However, this approach can mean you end up with disparate, messy, siloed information — a fragmented solution with multiple integrations that offer few operational efficiencies and impeding holistic empathy.
Imagine then opting for a single enterprise platform that can replace these disjointed systems and where the integration between various domains is strong to facilitate smooth operations and the sharing of critical data. Follow new hires from the moment they apply on your website, right through a job offer, onboarding, and subsequent remuneration review. Consider the data opportunities this presents and how having a single unified source of workforce data can produce cost savings and, as a tightly correlated outcome, elevate the employee experience.

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