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The Wall Street Journal | The Workplace Report – Speak Up for Investment in HR Even as Belt Tightening Looms

Human resources departments are vulnerable once again.

People teams became essential partners to businesses during the pandemic and transition to remote work. But as companies confront the prospect of a recession this year and tackle slowing growth and decreasing consumer spending, organizational budgets are tightening and mass layoffs are back on the table.

HR investments take a backseat, historically, during downturns.

Despite the strides made during the pandemic, HR must once again develop a powerful business case for investment rather than divestment.

The HR team has proven to be an invaluable—and irreplaceable—resource in assessing organizational structure and performance during times of change.

Amid layoffs and uncertainty, leaders need to assess and manage the stress levels of their workforce, said Leslie Linsner, chief human resources officer at WorkFusion Inc., a software company with more than 400 employees.

“To stay relevant, new capabilities, mind-sets and behaviors are required from HR,” said Jennifer Dole, principal analyst at HR research firm 3Sixty Insights Inc.

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