Research Note: Hired to Transform: Learn How HR Leaders Can Use Ecosystems to Drive Innovation and Change in the Workplace

What You Need to Know

Human Resources (HR) l3Sixty Insights – Research Note – Hired to Transform: Learn How HR Leaders Can Use Ecosystems to Drive Innovation And Change in the Workplaceeaders are often in a unique position to drive innovation and change within their organization. By utilizing ecosystems, they can create a more collaborative environment that encourages new ways of thinking and working together. Ecosystems provide a structure for people to connect with other parts of the organization, to create a more efficient, effective and empathetic workplace. This can lead to increased creativity and innovation, as well as better customer, employee and manager experiences.

About the Research

This paper examines how HR leaders that utilize ecosystems are better positioned to drive innovation and influence change as they transform the way managers, employees and enterprise work together. To better understand and highlight the value, 3Sixty Insights interviewed Larry McAlister, former vice president of global talent at NetApp and now founder of The Corporate Humanist Consultancy and #1 international bestselling author of “The Power to Transform: A Field Guide to Building a Human-Centered, Tech-Enabled Work Culture.”  This paper documents his journey around selecting best-in-breed technology solutions and the impact on the organization. Information from the interview demonstrates how utilizing strategy and technology can transform an organization with the right balance of efficiency and empathy. It is a journey that many HR leaders aspire to take within an organization.

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