3Sixty Insights Monthly Recap | April 2022

Recent Research:

Analyst Insight: Legion Leverages Future-Of-Work Technology to Empower Hourly Workforces

With this Analyst Insight, 3Sixty Insights explores how Legion, a provider of advanced technologies for workforce management, applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to demand forecasting and labor scheduling to help companies support the employee experience of an hourly wage workforce. In this way, you no longer need “to choose between productivity and efficiency when you have AI and machine learning,” says Legion CEO Sanish Mondkar. Learn how AI and machine learning can transform WFM into the bridge between finance and operations.

Analyst Insight: Ceridian Dayforce Matures Into Global Provider of Disruptive Innovation in Its Core Competencies and the Future of Work

This Analyst Insight looks into Ceridian’s overall strategy and success. Success with customers has been notable, as evidenced in new wins and 3sixty Insights’ case study analyses. Given the vendor’s technology, Ceridian is exceptionally positioned to lead the charge as streaming pay eventually emerges as the new norm and shatters long-entrenched, traditional attitudes around what a normal cadence for the delivery of pay should be. Meanwhile, the vendor’s two-pronged acquisitional strategy aims to solidify Ceridian’s future-of-work readiness further bolster a growing reputation as a global payroll provider


retrain.ai Webinar Responsible AI and the NYC Audit Law – What You Should Know Before 2023 | June 8th at 10am EST

Hiring a diverse workforce can introduce a varied soft skills base, offer fresh perspectives and boost creativity, ultimately increasing resilience and competitive advantage for enterprises who invest in DEI. AI integrated into HR Tech can support DEI efforts by reducing bias–if it’s responsible.

Starcircle Wall of Sound Fireside Chat | May 18th, 2022 at 6pm PST

Join 3Sixty Insights’ Brent Skinner and the starcircle’s CCO Colin Hickey. as they tackle important trends and topics in Talent Acquisition May 18th, 2022 at 6pm PST at Seattle’s Art Marble 21.

UNLEASH America – May 25 – 26th

Join 3Sixty Insights’ Brent Skinner, at UNLEASH America as he leads day 2 of Unleashes HCM Technology Stage. To meet with Brent during the event, please email research@3SixtyInsights.com and we would be happy to coordinate a meeting.

On-Demand Webinar with Immedis: Global Payroll Data and its Importance to Decision-Making for the CFO and CHRO

3Sixty Insights had the pleasure of co-presenting a webinar last week with Conrad Wilson, data and analytics lead for Immedis, the Ireland-headquartered provider of technology and support for global payroll. Tiffany Appleby, vice president of global alliances and partnerships at Immedis, was our host and moderator. Our topic really made Brent think: “Payroll Analytics: How global payroll data provides the CFO and CHRO with insights for better decision-making.”


An Article of Faith: HCM’s Long Tail of Value

In his latest, Brent Skinner builds on the ideas he first covered in a previous installment of this blog series examining just what, exactly, constitutes value in HCM. Benefits from HCM investments have initial expressions. Conventional accounting measures these easily but struggles to capture HCM’s long-tail benefits. These are the greater, longer-lasting benefits, where the future of work resides. An investment in HCM is a rational article of faith.

The HCM Value Plume

Brent Skinner challenges conventional ideas around how to view value in HR and activities close to the employee experience. In his latest blog entry, the first in a new series, he points to an HCM Value Plume and suggests that gains in productivity, the result of accountants viewing newfound efficiencies as the ultimate value in HCM technology deployments, are actually just the ghost notes of greater possibilities in revenue—where HCM’s ultimate value really resides.

Immedis Guest Blog Article: Global Payroll Data and its Importance to the CFO and CHRO

As it can be in life, so it can be in business: objectives and charters seemingly unrelated or even at odds with each other can be, as the cliché goes, two sides of the same coin. As the non-cliché goes, they can be complementing hemispheres. It’s often the case in the C-suite, as the Accenture-advocated idea of whole-brain leadership shows us. And it’s certainly the case in human capital management, as 3Sixty Insights’ concept of concrete and abstract HCM shows.

HR Tech Alliances Panel of Analyst/Influencers – 10 Ways Ecosystems Can Leverage Influencers | Partner Ecosystems Expo

Industry analysts, industry influencers — who are we? What are we. What are the ways to work with us, as a solution vendor? How should solution vendors work with us? These are great questions. There are others. And it is the rare event where analysts and influencers, as panelists, get the opportunity to provide their thoughts on these issues, and directly to an open forum-style audience.

HCM Technology Report – Q&A: Where Advanced Technology Leads HR’s Strategic Plan

Brent Skinner is co-founder, director and principal analyst of HCM practice at the analyst firm 3Sixty Insights. HCM Technology Report spoke with him about how HR has leveraged technology to run their organization more smoothly, help plan its future, and also about new technologies it might adopt.

reworked – Is Content Still King in Corporate Learning?

In March, Cornerstone acquired the learning experience platform provider EdCast. When announcing the deal, Cornerstone said it hoped to create a “next generation technology blueprint for the future-ready workforce.” Buzzwords aside, the companies, which are expected to continue to operate independently for a time, promised to develop new approaches to experiential learning, content and skill-building, all the while creating a unified and scalable talent infrastructure.

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